The Megillah Gadol
The Spiritual Great Scroll



Blessed are You YAHUAH our Elohim, Sovereign of the universe, Who has guided Your people in the way they are to go. Blessed are You YAHUAH Who is faithful and the Giver of Heavenly guidance to Your people Israel. So Be It!

The Megillah Gadol is the Great Charter. It entails the rights and freedoms of those who have been redeemed by the blood of YahuShuah. Spiritual deliverance is when a believer overcomes the adversities of the enemy through belief in the Name and the power of the Almighty Elohim.  יהוה(YAHUAH) is our Salvation, and it is He who delivers His people.

The Magna Carta of 1215 was written by King John giving the English people rights and freedom. It was the foundation of many constitutions around the world. The Magna Carta was written on a plot of land called 'Runnymede,' which was situated between a river and a busy highway. In comparison, the Megillah Gadol was written on a street called Runnymede, which is also situated between a main river  and a busy highway.

The Megillah Gadol is a written decree that confirms our defeat of the Kingdom of Darkness. This writing is a sign of the Messianic Reign that has come upon this earth. The Messianic Reign is when the adversary has been defeated out of the believer's life and is no longer able to hurt mankind. It is the Reign of the Messiah as the King of Heaven and Earth. The authority and power from on high has come to the believers of Family of Messiah Assembly and its leaders Mike & Ruth Dunn. This spiritual 'Bill of Rights' allows us to know the power that we have through repentence from our sins and forgiveness through Yahushuah, the Messiah of Israel.

The Scriptures have provided all that is available to us through belief. To receive the esteem of the Kingdom of Elohim, one must first seek the Kingdom of Elohim and His Righteousness. 

Below is only a small portion of the Megillah Gadol. the entire document is taken from the Scriptures and can be found within.



A Logbook of the Set-Apart Court of Elohim


Date:    Shevat 3, 5768                                                 Location:          115 Runnymede Lane

(January 10, 2008)                                                                   Summerville, SC


Hadagah (Ruth) and Michael Dunn, by the compassion of Elohim, chosen one of the Messiah YahuShuah the Sovereign of the Universe and Savior of the world, to all mankind, followers and leaders, Jews and Gentiles, men and women:  Greetings to you from the Set-Apart Assembly of Elohim in the Reign of Elohim.  YAH has chosen the City of Summerville (and neighboring city of Charleston), County of Dorchester, in the State of South Carolina, in the southeastern United States of America, as His Set-Apart Dwelling Place.  This Charter of the Set-Apart Assembly is a written account of our advancement and achievement of complete freedom, an absolute freedom that is available for all people through belief in YAHUAH Elohim and His Messiah Yahushuah.  We have overcome the kingdom of darkness to live free in the Kingdom of Righteousness.


This Charter defines our freedom as declared in the Set-Apart Scriptures.  It is written with an intent and purpose similar to that of the English Magna Carta.  The Magna Carta, written in 1215, came as a result of a rebellion against King John because of his continued abuse of power.  The barons of England met the king with a list of demands restricting his power and guaranteeing their personal rights and freedom.  King John conceded, and the official document, the Magna Carta, was drafted.  It was the beginning of religious freedom in England.  It declared the freedoms and rights guaranteed to all freemen of the land, and it became a foundation for many declarations of freedom throughout the world for many generations to come. 


The Magna Carta was written at Runnymede in England, a place located between the Thames River, a large, scenic waterway used in times of war, and a busy road.  This scroll, the Megillah Gadol, was written on a plot of land also called Runnymede in South Carolina.  Runnymede Lane is a street located in the King’s Grant subdivision of Summerville, South Carolina in Dorchester County.  This subdivision is located near areas once owned by prominent Englishmen.  Like Runnymede in England, Runnymede Lane is also an area located between a river (the Ashley, named after an English proprietor) and a busy road (Dorchester Road, named after a town in England).  YAH ordered the writing of this present-day document to parallel the writing of the Magna Carta, the principal freedom document of England.  Yet, from this area in Dorchester County, South Carolina filled with English influence, comes forth the writing of an even greater charter.  This Megillah Gadol declares complete freedom to all people who believe in Messiah YahuShua and their heirs forever.  We have defeated the kingdom of darkness, and the devil has conceded.  The Set-Apart Scriptures, the Word of Elohim, and the Spirit of Elohim confirm this writing declaring our freedom.  The Word of Elohim is the final authority over all writings.


Established for Prayer

Ruth Dunn has been given the Hebrew name Hadagah through a Heavenly vision.  She and her family began a spiritual journey in 1990 in search of the Living Elohim, the Reign of Elohim and His Righteousness.  Through many struggles and oppressions, they endured and sacrificed all to set themselves apart so that they might carry out such an awesome task—to give people the knowledge they need to be set free.  In the Dunns’ journey, they increased greatly in spiritual knowledge, and after eighteen years of seeking YAH, their wall in Yerushalayim is finished, and their spiritual House is complete.  YAHUAH calls His chosen ones and gives them a wall in Yerushalayim to stand before Him in intercessory prayer (Ezra 9:9).  It is similar to the Western Wall in Jerusalem where many people gather to pray.  This spiritual wall at which Hadagah prays is beautified and esteemed with the Presence of YAH.  It stands in the Heavenly House built by Yahushuah within the Most Set-Apart Hekal (Dwelling Place of YAH. The Heavenly House in Heavenly Yerushalayim is for all His people Yisra’el.  When the wall is complete and the House is finished, the assembly of YAH is established for intercessory prayer.  His priests establish a city of refuge and a place of peace for His saved ones where Yisra’el is covered with prayer—for all of Yisra’el will be saved.  The Day of His vengeance draws near, for YahuShuah has now come to walk among us.  Our House and our wall are complete!


The Good News!

We proclaim to you the year of release!  We proclaim to you the Good News!  This year, 5768 from the creation of the world (2008 CE), is the year of the Release, as written in Deuteronomy/Debarim chapter 15.  It is the acceptable year of our Master YahuShuah, the Sovereign of the universe.  Thus said יהוה ‘In a favourable time I shall answer You, and in the day of deliverance I shall help You – and I guard You and give You for a covenant of the people, to restore the earth, to cause them to inherit the ruined inheritances,’” (Yesh/Is. 49:8).  Our prayers are now accepted because we sought the Reign of Elohim.  We have obtained freedom to live a life well pleasing to YAHUAH without the oppression of the Devil, for YAH has redeemed us from all sin.  We have become the children of light through belief in Yahushuah, the true Messiah of Yisra’el, by obedience to His Word and repentance from transgression.  Now, we have freedom to walk in the Light and let our light shine.


YAHUAH sent Moshe (Moses) to Mitsrayim (Egypt) to free the children of Yisra’el from Pharoah.  Once again, YAH has sent His Deliverer—our Master    YahuShuah—to free all mankind from the grips of Belial and from the slavery of sin and death. 


This day, beforeיהוה YAHUAH El Most High, we proclaim the Good News of our deliverance through our belief in Messiah Yahushuah.  This charter confirms our freedom given us through the shed blood of Yahushuah:


  • Freedom from hell on the earth so that we may enter Heaven on the earth, the Garden of Eden, while we are still alive
  • Freedom from the slavery of sin to live a set-apart life unto the Master יהוה [YAHUAH]
  • Freedom from the power of the grave so that we have the freedom to live and have life everlasting
  • Freedom from the works of the devil in our lives so that we may have peace, everlasting peace!


We declare in the Name of Yahushuah: Freedom to all who believe in His set-apart Name! 

We are in the Reign of YAHUAH to accomplish all His will and do works of loving-kindness and good deeds among all people and all nations.  We must proclaim repentance and the forgiveness of sins to all people, and His esteem is to be declared throughout all the earth.


This Charter confirms the goodness of Elohim among man and His love for mankind to set His believers free from all manner of wickedness and evil, from the hands of Belial and all his lot.  This Charter confirms that we have sought YAHUAH and His righteousness and have entered into the Reign of Elohim on the earth, thereby setting the stage in these end times for the freedom of all mankind and their heirs forever.  The courts of YAHUAH are now established to do the will of Elohim.  Our rights according to Scripture are to no longer be diminished, nor our freedoms impaired by the workers of evil.  We are free to worship and be set-apart in Spirit and Truth.  This right has been given us for we sought the Reign of Elohim with our own free will to find His Righteousness.  All believers and their heirs now and forever shall observe this freedom. 

**Let it be known to all that whosoever comes against us will come against the work of YAH, for it is He who has built this House. 


We are Yahudim! 

Yahudim are worshippers of YAH.  Yahushuah is the Sovereign of the Yahudim, and ‘deliverance is of the Yahudim’ (Luke 23:3; Yoh/John 4:22).  We have been grafted into the olive tree, and we worship Elohim through the observance of Torah and belief in Messiah Yahushuah (Rom. 11:17).  This Assembly is a Branch of Yisra’el.  We are all one in belief in the Master of the universe, the One who spoke and the world came into being.  We are not a religion—we are a nation.  We are not a race; we are a people who have committed our lives to YAH through the Living Torah.  We shall fear only Elohim Most High and serve Him alone (Deb/Deut. 6:13; Matt. 4:10). 


To become a citizen of the nation of Yahudim, one must convert and be set-apart unto YAH through obedience to His commands.  One must believe in the only brought-forth Son of Elohim who died and was resurrected for the sins of the world.  Salvation only comes through belief in the Son, Yahushuah the Messiah of Yisra’el.  Only belief in Him brings us to repentance whereby our sins are forgiven.  The forgiveness of sins spares us from death and the sufferings on the earth.  Yahushuah is our proof that the Almighty Elohim does resuscitate the dead and raises us back to life. 


We are connected to Heavenly Yerushalayim by Ya’aqob’s ladder and the twenty-four elders around the throne of Elohim (Ber/Gen. 28:12; Rev. 5).  Ya’aqob’s ladder has come to us, indicating the Messiah Yahushuah who sends heavenly messengers up and down to help us on the earth.  Through the Set-Apart Spirit, the messengers assist us in obedience to the will of Elohim and join with us in worship of the Most High.  The twenty-four elders also join with us in worship and carry the prayers of the set-apart ones before the Father in Heaven. 


This Charter of the Set-Apart Assembly pertains to Family of Messiah Fellowship, a Branch of יהושה [Yahushuah], an assembly of set-apart Yahudim who have entered the Reign of Elohim (Yoh/John. 15:5, Zek/Zech. 6:12).  The domain of this Heavenly Reign is Righteousness and Truth.  We are a branch in the House of Elohim to stand in the spiritual realm before YAH to intercede and to carry out all of His plans (Zek/Zech. 6:12).  He has given us rule over His House and charge of His courts (Zek/Zech. 3:7).  This writing, inspired by Elohim, details our establishment as a branch of society that is set-apart among the nations unto the Most High El.  We are a free and set-apart spiritual nation and a royal priesthood to our Elohim established by Yahushuah, the Son of Elohim, declaring special rights and privileges through the Spirit of Elohim and His Messengers to all people who believe in יהוה [YAHUAH], obey His Commands, Laws, and Right-Rulings, and who hear and obey His voice.  All believers and all their offspring forever shall observe this freedom to worship in the manner given us by the Word of YAHUAH.  The end of the ages has come, and the Reign of YAHUAH is established upon the earth.


This Spiritual Great Charter, the Megillah Gadol, is inspired by Elohim and written by a called-out chosen one who sought the Reign of Elohim and His Righteousness for eighteen years. This Charter is Spiritual.  It explains the Reign of Elohim and the Set-Apart Assembly on the earth, and it relates how we have come to know and experience true freedom.


There are two kingdoms on the earth:  the Kingdom of Light (Righteousness) and the kingdom of darkness (evil).  Each Kingdom is commanded by a Messenger, and the two Messengers fight for control on the earth:  one to do good and the other to do evil.  The Messenger of Light (Righteousness) is a King and Priest forever.  His Name is Malki-Tsedeq (Melchizedek).  The Hebrew root ‘Malki’ (same as Malak) means ‘to reign or make to reign; to ascend to the throne.’  ‘Tsedeq’ means ‘to make right (cleanse, clear) and to turn to righteousness.’  In the Book of Genesis/Bereshith, Malkitsedeq was described as ‘priest of the Most High El’ (Ber/Gen. 14:18).  He was a priest of Elohim of the Heavenly order of priesthood, a Messenger who had no beginning and no end (Ibr/Heb. 7:3).  Yahushuah came through this Heavenly order of the priesthood according to Malkitsedeq, as High Priest of the Most High El forever (Ibr/Heb. 7:17, 25).  Malkitsedeq still serves as priest of Elohim today, having charge of the Kingdom of Righteousness on earth, under command of the High Priest Yahushuah.  Malkitsedeq works to turn people to righteousness—to bring them from darkness into the light of Messiah Yahushuah and to guide them in a set-apart lifestyle unto YAH.


The messenger of darkness rules the kingdom of darkness and is associated with all manner of wrongness, evil, deceit, and unrighteousness.  He is a principality of the Serpent of old who does only wickedness and evil in the earth.  This one uses deceit to influence people toward darkness and bring them into captivity.  The messenger of darkness works to steal, kill, and destroy (Yoh/John 10:10). Lack of knowledge causes many to fall into the kingdom of darkness, and they are deceived into believing that they are not condemned. 


Two worlds exist on the earth.  When we seek the Reign of Elohim, the Kingdom of Light, we receive freedom and blessings.  When we seek the kingdom of darkness, we receive curses and captivity.  We decide in which world we want to live and which Messenger we want to have charge over us.  The messenger of darkness deceives the world; he uses deception to lure and trap his victims in order to destroy them.  The Messenger of Light led by Yahushuah, the Son of Righteousness, has come to give us help and strengthen us in our journey through a strange and dark land.  He guides us out of darkness and into the light.  We choose whom to believe and whom to follow.