THE PROMISED LAND--A Message of Hope
The Restoration of the Kingdom of Elohim


"And after Yohanan was delivered up, Yahushuah came to Galil, proclaiming the Good News of the reign of Elohim, and saying, 'The time has been filled, and the reign of Elohim has come near. Repent and believe in the Good News.'" Mark 1:14-15
The Messiah of Israel, Yahushuah, redeemed all those who believe in Him from the curse of the law so that the blessings of Abraham might come upon them, to receive the Promised Spirit.
The Messiah has prepared a place for us and has lit our lamp.
This report is an account of the promise that Elohim made to Avraham and to Yitshaq and to Ya'aqob. The promise was made to Abraham and his Seed. The Seed of Abraham is the Messiah of Israel whose Hebrew Name is Yahushuah, and He is the Good News. Elohim (God) chose Abraham, and promised him the land of Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey. All those who embrace the Messiah Yahushuah and walk in obedience to the laws of Elohim, will be blessed with the Promises of Elohim
In the Torah, YAH always guided His people so that He might have a faithful relationship with them. When the people obeyed the will of YAH, He would reward them, and when they disobeyed, He would punish them. The Elohim of Abraham is a Father to all Israel. He is the One True Elohim.
The Promised Land in the spiritual realm is the Promised Spirit of Elohim, the kingdom of the Heavens, which comes to the chosen ones of Elohim through the Messiah. The Spirit of YAH brings us into a realm of life—the good life—a life of peace, health, blessings, and an ultimate relationship with the Father. We become heirs to the Kingdom of Elohim.
Ruth Dunn and her family were chosen to receive the Promise. Many are called, and few are chosen. Ruth & her family were called, and they answered the call. They sought the Kingdom of YAHUAH and His Righteousness. They viewed the Land, believed in the Word of Promise, and endured great trials and tribulations to possess the Land. Ruth was called from birth, but it wasn’t until she was 10 years old (1964) that her journey began. A greater emphasis on the journey began in 1989 when she truly began to seek His Kingdom. After 40 years in the journey (1964-2004), Elohim gave her a dream seeing the Promised Land. Below is her dream:


“In a dream, I found myself standing outside a gate to a large estate—one fit for a king or queen. I saw that the gate was open, so I entered the estate. I stood there looking for a shortcut to a street that I lived on when I was 10 years old. I was on a city street looking at an exclusive estate right in the midst of the street. As far as I could see, the place was extremely beautiful with stunning palaces and breathtaking landscapes. The estate looked about 6 city blocks long and about 3 blocks wide—and that was only as far as I could see. Then, I was bending down next to what looked like a vine or a bush of some sort. It seemed as though I was getting something from a vine, although I couldn’t tell what I was doing exactly. Then, two giants dressed like security guards came to me, and one of them said to me, “How did you get in here?” I was not as surprised as I should have been. I did not answer the question. One of the giants showed me a knife as if to threaten me, but it did not scare me at all. Then, they picked me up and carried me out. One was at my right and the other at my left. After they put me out, I proceeded to a news desk as if they would help me. Then I awoke from the dream.”   (--R. Dunn, Minister at Family of Messiah Fellowship)
EXPLANATION OF DREAM: The huge estate, a wealthy prosperous piece of real estate, was a depiction of the land of milk and honey. The land was in the midst of a city. This shows how it is possible to be in the Promised Land in this life—like Heaven on earth. The gates were open and no one was there, so I went in. The Almighty Elohim (God) apparently removed the guards, opened the gate, and allowed me to enter in because of my belief in Him. I entered in to spy out the Land and see what is this realm of life that Elohim has in the midst of the earth. He allowed me to enter the heavenly realm while still alive in this earth to see and discover the vastness and goodness of it all. I saw and felt the peace and prosperous life that He has for all those who believe in Him. I was bending down in the garden to take some of the fruit of the land. That fruit is Love, Joy, Peace, Righteousness. After retrieving the fruits, two giants came to put me out. Elohim opened the gates and let me in because of my belief. When the giants picked me up, I didn’t show any fear. When you are born again of the Spirit of Elohim, there is no fear! They carried me out because I was only there to spy out the land—just to see what it was like. When seeking His Kingdom, you have to go through a time of testing (trials and endurance) so that you receive the Righteousness of Elohim through belief and patience. The giants were a symbol of any negative spiritual force that works against you to test your belief. The giants in the dream were guards to the land so that no one who is not prepared will enter. They did not hurt me—nor could they—because YAH is in charge. At the end of the dream, I went to the news desk. I went to the news desk to report my findings. “Giants were there, but oh look at the fruit of the land! The Promised Spirit—Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Health, Love, & countless blessings!” YAH is able to bring all those who diligently seek Him into this heavenly realm of life—in the land of the living! Truly, there is a land of milk and honey!
Belief followed by obedience is our preparation to receive the Promise. If we are seeking the Kingdom of Elohim, then we must believe that we will receive it We must believe in whom we will become. If we are poor, then we must believe that we will enter the life of prosperity through Yahushuah the Messiah.  Do not see yourself as poor--but prosperous in Messiah--NOW!  Do not see yourself as sick--but as completely healed in Messiah--NOW!  Do not see yourself full of anxiety and stress--but in peace, joy, and rest--NOW!  How you see yourself NOW determines your outcome in the future.  Believe that you have already received the Promises, and you will receive it!


Ruth saw the Promised Land in a dream and it was like the Garden of Eden--a beautiful, prosperous realm right in the midst of this world. Dreams are often like parables--they can explain a heavenly account bringing clarity and understanding.
In Bemidbar/Numbers 13:1-20, Moses obeyed YAH and sent 12 men to spy out the land of Canaan. He sent "one man from each tribe of their fathers, every one a leader among them."  They were given specific instructions on what to look for in the land and bring back report to Moses.  The book of Bemidbar has been fulfilled through Yahushuah, Messiah of Israel, who brings believers into the blessings (inheritance) of Abraham.  Messiah sent Ruth to spy out the Land in a dream, and here is her report:

Report of the Promised Land

 "and see what the land is like, and the people who dwell in it, whether strong or weak, whether few or many"  (Bem/Num. 13:18)

The Land is indeed a land of milk and honey. It is a beautiful landscape, with breathtaking palaces, walled all around. The estate looked about 5 or 6 city blocks long, though that was only as far as I could see. The buildings were all modern design and grayish in color.  No people or inhabitants were seen except for the guards. There were only two guards who could not keep me out. They looked like the sons of Anaq, tall and dark skinned. The two looked very strong.
"and whether the land they dwell in is good or evil, whether the cities they inhabit are in camps or strongholds"  (Bem/Num.13:19)
The land seemed good and peaceful, fortified and beautiful. One of the guards did show me a knife, as if to threaten me, but I didn’t feel like he could hurt me. YAH must have removed the guards from the gate, and then He opened the gate for me to enter. The guards did not return until I finished what I was supposed to do (finished spying). The place was in the center of a city. It was a stronghold, not a camp.
"and whether the land is rich or poor, and whether there are forests there or not, And you shall be strong, and bring some of the fruit of the land."  (Bem/Num. 13:20)
The Land looked rich in every aspect. From the look and size of the estate, it could have been worth millions of dollars. There were no forests, but trees were planted sparingly throughout the land and surrounding the borders of the property. The spies were told to be strong and to bring some of the fruit of the land. I was taking something from the land, it was the fruit. I was strong in belief and knew that if I took of the fruit, I would return and take the Land for the people. Strength comes from YAH when we believe. He gives us endurance for the trials, and He fights for the believers. The fruit I took was the grapes of the land. Grapes make wine, and they represent the Messiah Yahushuah, a memorial of the blood that He shed to bring the blessings of Abraham into our lives.
The meaning of it all: we must seek the Kingdom of Elohim and His Righteousness, then all else will be added. Seeking His kingdom must come through belief in the true Messiah and through endurance and obedience to the Torah of Elohim.
The spies took 40 days to spy out the land (Bem/Num. 13:25). When they returned, only two spies (Joshua and Kaleb) gave a good report of the Land because of their belief.  The other ten spies gave a bad report and did not believe that YAH would give them the exceedingly good land that He promised them. They saw themselves as grasshoppers in their own eyes, and so they were in the giants' eyes. Elohim was angry with that generation, and in chapter 14 verse 34, YAH punished them for their disbelief. A year for each day was given. For forty years, they remained in the wilderness until all that generation died. Only their children, along with Joshua and Kaleb--the two who believed--crossed over to the Promised Land.
The Messiah Yahushuah turned all this around! After His resurrection, He spent 40 days on earth preparing His taught-ones (disciples) to preach the good news of the kingdom of Elohim and to forgive sins. The Messiah gave us a day for each year in the wilderness, instead of a year for each day. The Way into the Promised Land is through belief in Yahushuah.
Because Ruth Dunn & her family believed in the Messiah, they saw themselves as overcomers even in the worst of times. They were very poor during their journey, but they never saw themselves as poor or needy. Instead, they went out to care for the poor and destitute in their area. As they were in their own eyes, so they were in their enemy’s eyes--and YAH blessed them with the victory.
From 1964 to 2004, Ruth was in a 'wilderness' journey. She sought the Reign of Elohim and entered in 2004. Her family is one group of overcomers. The last four years, Elohim was subduing their enemies from before them so that their family and all who the Father adds to them will inherit the promises: a life of peace and prosperity, a good life. YAH has given these chosen ones a life of favor and protection from all evil; a splendid life of loving-kindness from the Father. Elohim accepts their prayers, and He answers all those who have entered the Land and cause others to enter. The Messiah will reign through these ones in the last day. They are complete in joining Israel to be one people of Elohim. All those who bless them will be blessed, and those who curse them will be cursed.
This report is to show that the Kingdom Reign has begun and the judgments of Elohim are in the earth. We sought the Kingdom of Elohim. We spied out the Promised Land. We conquered and took possession of it as YAH has commanded through belief and endurance. A people of Elohim has arisen to walk in obedience to Elohim, as He reigns through them to execute right-ruling on the wicked and to bring forth fruits of righteousness. The aim is to stop the works of the devil in the earth to usher in peace and righteousness. A time of peace, prosperity, joy, and protection from evil has begun. The Reign of YAHUAH is here!
YAH will fight for you and give you the Land—the good life of Heaven on earth. But you must obey all His Commands and principles, and you must endure the trials that you find on the way. After a time of endurance and obedience to His guidance, YAH will birth you into a new life, a good life, a restoration of Israel in this world. Now is the time of restoration—‘Peace and Prosperity’ to all who seek Him.