Praise be to our Elohim, the Most High El!  He has shown over and over His plans of REDEMPTION for His set-apart ones. We thought it was necessary to make a page showing the prophetic dreams given to the believers in the true Names of the Father and the Son יהוה  and יהושה. The dreams below are really parables of being in His Sovereignty, or Reign, in the last days. We are led by our Bridegroom יהושה. We will be a place of refuge in His Kingdom and do the works of the emmissaries and great shall be our peace. We have come to the times of Refreshing from the Presence of יהוה. We are His Bride, His chosen ones, the Daughters of Tsyion, who have received the former reign--HalleluYAH!


יהושה is indeed speaking to His taught-ones of today. He has chosen and prepared His bride. We are the Endtime Ministry that will be instrumental in leading His people back to יהוה and to safety in יהושה from the wrath of Elohim at the end of time (which is now). This is the evidence that the time draws near and we have only a moment left. We must walk in the footsteps of יהושה as He leads us to safety. See how all four dreams tie in together.




---- On Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:13:28 -0700> wrote ----
This dream happened about 2 in a half weeks back. In the dream I was in a city area which seemed like it was in a valley because there was a road which was elevated on a hill on the outskirts of the city. The people in the city were gathering as many materials as they could get from the stores as if they were preparing for everything to close. After I got one of the items I needed I went up to the elevated road next to what seemed to be a forest or wilderness. I stopped at the butcher and ask him for turkey bacon. He replied "This is the last batch we're ever going to get."After I received the turkey bacon I started to run down the road or "path" very fast. It felt like I was the Flash because of the speed i was running at. When I turned my head towards the city I saw a statue that kind've looked like the one in Brazil of the Messiah except it was Yahusha on a pole or tree, looking at the people in the city with anger. After that my dream ended.
The next morning my friend showed me some scriptures because we do scriptural studies and lessons on The Shabbat. At this point I didn't tell him my dream because it slipped my mind, but the topic he chose to do his lesson on, was Yahuah's "Wilderness." We read verses about the wilderness Yahuah will let us dwell in for 3.5 years. At first it didn't click that they were similar until one of the verses we read said that we will have wings like eagles. Immediately I started to realize that I was running very fast, fleeing a city, on a path next to the wilderness. 
Shalom Everyone!
Ethan G.


From Angele to Ruth (Family of Messiah) on 6-2-15

Hello Minister Ruth:

As promised, I wanted to share another prophetic dream that I had a few months ago. First, I was at my old childhood home having dinner with my family....suddenly my living room window turned into a large open window and I found myself looking toward the heavens.

Behold, I see a royal group of people....brown skin, flawless, beautiful skin. The women's hair was black, long, and flowing down to their ankles. 

The men, stood tall and wore priest hats and just smiled at me. I continued looking toward the heaven and in my spirit I said....wow they are royal....royal people...wow!

Suddenly, my dream switched and I saw a group of children of different races playing and just being children. Then, I looked to the right and I see people giving in marriage and I saw a Hebrew woman getting married and she wore a yellow dress. I heard someone ask her, "Did you take a HIV test." I became perplexed in my dream because there were people just marrying and partying with no care in the world.

Next, I see two groups of Hebrew children. One group of children were crying. The second group of Hebrew children were happy and smiling and having fun.

Then, I saw Yah's hands folded together. I didn't see his face....just his hands folded. Then, there stood 3 men in front of Yah's folded hands. 

There was a man on the left and a man on the right. They were from the royal priesthood that I witnessed earlier in my dream. Finally, there was a man in the middle of the 2 men...The man in the middle...his face was covered...but I could see his hands. The man that stood in the middle of the 2 men....moved his hands back and forth...In my spirit...I could see that he was directing the 
2 men on "what they should do in the earth."

Dream ended! I woke up and first I was amazed at how beautiful the people were from the Royal Priesthood. Second, I wondered if the 2 men I saw were the two witnesses of revelation. Third, I thought to myself while awake if the two men are the two witnesses of revelation....does that mean that they are on the way to the earth. 

Praise Yah for this Dream and Vision!

Sister Angele


The Day of Messiah's Return!

YahuShuah has come! Praise YAH!

On Aug. 14, 2012 I saw myself in a dream. I was mourning and crying, weeping  much. Then I called "YahuShuah" I called His Name I believe twice and He showed up. I was so shock to see Him appear. I could not concentrate on His face but I knew it was Him. This week is the 3rd Sabbath of Comfort. There are seven weeks of comfort ending at the Sabbath of Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShana). Praise to Yah!

YahuShuah showed up within the weeks of comfort. Praise YAH! He comforted me like no human being can do. He held me in His arm and I felt the power of love. I felt love like never before, for He is love. I said as I trembled in His arm-"I am exceedingly afraid, I am trembling exceedingly". I felt His love at the same time I felt the fear of Yahuah our Father. I awoke and I was so estatic, so full of joy, so humbled and so well loved and sooo comforted. Nothing can make me afraid anymore, I  know that the Messiah of Israel has come and He has come to comfort His people. I may add that we had just erected the Tent of David called the Tabernacle of David and YahuShuah came. Now He will wipe away all tears and give His people peace. He removed mourning and gave me complete joy. We are rejoicing because He has come! When He comes the next time, He will come as a mighty warrior. We do not know timing, only the Father knows. I am rejoicing! Ruth Dunn


From: Angele 
To: Ruth Dunn <familyofmessiah@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 9:10 AM
Subject: Prophetic Dream: Sound the Alarm and Warn the People

Minister Ruth:
Greetings. I wanted to share with you a prophetic dream I just had early this morning. The spirit says, "Sound the Alarm and Warn the People, this will happen." Shalom.


Prophetic Dream: Sound the Alarm and Warn the People

Ok, so I just had this dream. I am in my room where I was staying and suddenly; I hear a report from some people outside my room and on the T.V. state that someone has hacked our country’s’ computer system and could start a war and blow us all up. So, a guard showed up at my room and said I must leave at once and report to a camp where there were thousands of other people. I looked out of the window and there were people of all races gathering to go to this camp.

Guards were everywhere and tried to convince people and their families that it was in their best interest to leave their home and report to a nearby camp immediately. I looked out of the window and saw a guy on a motorcycle trying to tamper with a computer. But, for some reason in my spirit, I felt we were being deceived and this scheme was just an effort to lock us all up in a camp and take away our freedom.

While packing, I gathered necessities like aspirin because I knew when I heard that the place was a concentration camp, I worried that whoever was in charge would offer or force people to take the “Mark of the Beast” if they needed medicine or anything. I was determined not to ever take the “Mark of the Beast”.

One guard that came to my room looked Philippine and he kept rushing me where I was living at the time. I grabbed my cell phone and a small tote bag, leaving behind my aspirin, and walked into this large concentration camp where people were running around in fear.

I ran into an old supervisor and I told her that my children were in another part of the state and I need to get to them. I heard my old supervisor saying that wherever your family members are they will report to a concentration camp in their city. I took out my cell phone and began to record the scene that was going on. I knew that my goal was to trust Yah, get out of the concentration camp, travel, and warn people about what was happening in our world. I also planned to use my video footage to show people that we were living in the last days and needed to plan how to escape the chaos. In the dream, I remembered how reporters on YouTube and other channels warned us all before that one day we would be taken to concentration camps and held against our will. I was saddened that this event happened and occurred without warning for any of us.  

People were worried because their children were at school; husband/wives were at work, or their parents lived in different states or cities, and most were desperate to get to their other family members. While standing and looking around the camp, I saw one guy walk by who appeared to be of Arab descent in the camp almost in a zombie like state smiling, virtually naked, and I told my old supervisor that the man appeared to enjoy being at the concentration camp. Many people did not feel that way and were desperate for answers and to get out.
However at the concentration camp, I began to cry because I needed to travel to get my two teenage children and was told by my old supervisor, “Oh, I got it wrong; your kids will be brought to this camp.” I saw this large bus and some people were boarding it. Once I calmed down, I remembered that my kids weren’t out of state, but at a local hotel because we were traveling at the time that people were forced to go to the camp. My two kids showed up and I was happy to see them.

As I was waking up from this dream, a message in my spirit said, “Sound the alarm and warn the people; this will happen!”


Servant of the Most High


Dream of July 11, 2012 from a sister in YahuShuah. In her dream she said that she found me and a group of people praying in deep prayer and afterwards I told them with tears of joy that YahuShuah is coming at the end of the month of march, then she woke up frigtened just at the thought of His returning, but did not know the year. I believe something will be happening by the end of March next year because next year the end of March happens to be the time of Pesach or the Passover. We have now a point of time for His return and this came from my mouth in a dream. We are not certain about the year but we know the end of March therefore we will be in expectation of March 2013 His House is being made complete! Why not next Passover! Next Year in Yahrushalayim.


Date received November 12, 2011

Greetings Minister Ruth:
I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to share a dream with you that I had last night.
First, it appeared that me and several people of different races were locked inside some type of compound or camp. We were being held captive. I saw armed guards all around us inside the camp. At one point, someone came around to all of us prisoners and said, What is your hair type". I told the person what my hair type was. After the person left, I went to the window and looked toward the heavens and I began to talk to Yah. I said, Yah, I believe we are living in the last days.
Then, I started to sing a song as I looked toward the heavens. I saw many clouds in the sky. It was semi-dark that day. The clouds appeared to frown and in my spirit I felt the clouds frowned because the clouds even saw and knew that me and the other people inside the prison camp were being mistreated by the guards. Next, I continued looking toward the heavens and I sang a song to Yah.
I said, Yah I love you, Yah I love you. Behold, I looked toward the left and saw an Angel standing in the heavens and she smiled at me as I sang "Yah, I love you. Then, suddendly, me and the other prisons were taken outside. All at once, we jumped the prison walls and was able to escape the prison guards. People were running in all types of directions trying to escape the prison where we were held.
I, along with several other people ran as fast as we could. I was able to escape without being caught. The dream ended! I woke up.
Minister Ruth, I am not sure what to make of this dream. But, again I wanted to share it with you.
All praises to Yah and Yahushua!
Sister Angele

Hi Minister Ruth,
Good to hear from you. Yes, please add my dream to the Prophetic page. Lately, Yah has been giving me different prophetic dreams. I must start to write them down.
Dream # 1
Briefly, let me tell you about another dream I had in early October 2011. I was standing before a seashore. I had just finished taking a written test along with some other people. I went out and stood in front of what appeared to be an ocean. It was night and I could see the moons reflection on the water. Behold, I seen many demons, big and small falling to the earth. They weren't near me but I could see them falling to the earth. They were the most horrible looking creatures that I'd ever seen. All they were doing was falling from the sky to the earth.  Suddenly, I looked toward the heavens and behold, a huge Pure White Lion came running across the sky. This was the most beautiful lion that I've ever seen. He was big, strong, and powerful. The dream ended!

Dream # 2
This dream occurred maybe last year 2010. I was on a college campus and a government official was visiting the campus. The official said to me, "Come and look into this machine, I want you to see a symbol that everyone will be using soon." I looked into the machine and saw symbols of triangles joined together. In the dream, I wondered why she said that everyone will be using this symbol. I took everyone to mean the whole world. As I was leaving the crowded room, I asked the government official to let me see the symbol inside the machine again and she allowed me to see it.
After, I began to walk out of the room and the college campus turned into a bank and I saw flags from other countries. There were five flags. I remember seeing the flag for the country France. I proceeded out of the building and as I was walking outside, I looked toward the heavens and I said, Yah, it's here, they are trying to make us take the Mark of the Beast. I ran away from the building as fast as I could. The dream ended!
Again, just wanted to share these other dreams that I've had.
Sister Angele



Summer of 2011: "I have had many dreams given to me concerning the pestilence and hardships that are coming. The Most High YAHUAH our Elohim has given to me dreams concerning the blessing of the water. He has shown to me that my daughter and I have the gift to bless the waters so that the waters will be healed.

Dream: I was given a glass of water about 4oz  to drink before wakening up. This lead me to the Scriptures  Is.12:3 . Since the Master YAHUSHUAH has given to me (Ruth) water to drink, this caused a fountain of living waters to spring up within my inner parts as it is in the inward parts of our Messiah. Praise YAH! We have the gift of the blessing of the water!

Isa_12:3  And you shall draw water with joy from the fountains of deliverance. 
Isa_44:3  ‘For I pour water on the thirsty, and floods on the dry ground. I pour My Spirit on your seed, and My blessing on your offspring, 
A few days later I had more dreams about water. I had dreams of water in a pitcher, and in a glass (a certain type of glass). Also waters for all the people in glasses around the table. I give YAH the praise HalleluYah! He said He will bless our bread and water. I believe that He was using the visions of the water to tell me that if something should happen to our water systems he will bless our hands to purify the waters. I rejoice because He is using this set apart place to do a lot of healing.

Oil of YAHUAH: In several dreams this year I saw small bottles of pine oil for life, golden oil.  I kept seeing the small bottles in visions. Then one day in prayer Abba spoke to me and said for me to make this oil in a small 1/2 oz size bottle. He said that this oil is to be called the 'Oil of YAHUAH'. This oil is to be used to heal the people of the flu or epidemics (plagues) that are coming. This oil is already healing the people of viruses. this oil is the remedy for what is coming! The people must believe!

Judgment: I saw in the Month of October 2011 in a vision a hand of a messenger (angel) the one on the left side, the one that is used for punishments or judgments, it is this angel whom I saw pouring oil from a bottle liken unto a large vial. I saw this oil also golden but looks strange and the vial had no label upon it. At the time of this vision I did not know what to make out of it, so I waited and on Nov.6, 2011 that morning it was explained. This vial of oil that was being poured out was being poured upon the earth. This will be for the punishments of the endtime, the plagues that will come upon the wicked and the sinners  to cause them to repent of their evil deeds and turn their lives over to the True Messiah YAHUSHUAH because only in Him will they live. The people will die because when this virus starts spreading there will be NO cure from man! People have to now turn from evil, turn from sin and embrace the laws of Elohim. They must now come out of Babylon (the world's systems)

THE CURE: Based on belief all who calls on the Name of YAHUSHUAH and uses the oil will be spared and will live. We have the golden oil, the anti-dote. It is all spiritual, even the judgement of the pestilence in the form of some kind of an oil being poured. Man will develope and use a virus most likely the swine flu virus to destroy many lives. But understand something, man nor the devil can do nothing that YAH doesn't first give permission or allows. Given this we know that pestilence are coming in the last of days and we are in the last days, therefore we should expect these things to come. Rejoice because YAH has given to His people a remedy so that they will live and not die! The 1/2 oz of blessed golden oil and His Name will destroy the virus. It is like looking up to YAHUSHUAH and you are healed.

 The Oil of YAHUAH is available!



The below prophetic dream given to a member: Dec.22, 2010

"In a vision I saw a herd of lion a large group of big male lions running through the savannah and speeding and stirring up the dust. They stood up on their hind legs and started running even faster. I saw what looked like the dessert covered and seemed like the staue of liberty. Then I saw a huge crowd of people, and the lions ran through them and so fast it just looked like a cloud. So they were all disturbed and it was in a place in DC in what looked llike the monument area and all of a sudden a tornado hit them and started sucking people up and throwing them around. They couldn't escape."

Dan D.

YAHUAH will be punishing the disobedient and the sinners of this world. Many will come out of the great tribulations and become saved. His wrath is drawing near and He will send out His word to destroy the wicked, but He will save His remnant. We must heed these warnings and take note, the time is drawing close. This dream kinda completes the one that came before it.  He will use the broom of destruction to sweep the world clean. Beleive and become a Remnant of YAHUAH through His Son YAHUSHUAH.


The below prophetic dream was given to one of our members on 12-20-10

I found myself in a dream, and I was sweeping out a building, rooms that had a lot of dirt and dust. As I was sweeping I heard the word 'ReConstruction'. It was loud and clear- reconstruction. I awoke out of this dream and thought, reconstruction means to rebuild. Ruth

This very prophetic dream was clear that YAHUAH is going to reconstruct this world, this country and He will first clean it up, like when one sweeps with a broom.the broom according to scriptures is the broom of destruction -

Isa 14:23  “And I shall make it a possession for the porcupine, and marshes of muddy water; and shall sweep it with the broom of destruction,” declares יהוה of hosts. -

The Almighty is going to destroy evil and wickedness and wipe out unrighteousness. He will rebuild this country and this world in righteousness and peace. We do not know when the time will come for things to change, but all must believe in YAHUAH and YAHUSHUAH.YAHUAH REIGNS.




The below testimony is from a member of Family of Messiah Fellowship who received a vision confirming that we are worshipping the Most High in spirit and truth. This vision was received during our morning worship service on the Sabbath in the set-apart place for His Name.  This proves that the Messiah is with us and has redeemed His people in Renewed Yerushalayim.  Bless His Set-Apart Name, YAHUAH Who reigns forever!


As we were meditating/praising during the 3rd song on Shabbat I was given a glimpse into the spiritual Temple. All that I am about to describe occurred within my thoughts while I was meditating. At first I was hesitant to ascribe this as a vision from YAH. I really questioned whether or not this was coming from my imagination so I prayed for revelation. Baruch Ha Shem it wouldn't take long to receive an answer!

What I "saw" was this: I looked to my left and saw a small group of men and women standing in several rows wearing white clothes. I couldn't see anyone's face because each person had either a Tallit or a shawl pulled up over their heads with their head slightly bowed to the ground. I assumed they were giving praise but I heard no sound or voice at any time. Standing directly behind each person was a Messenger/Angel. I knew they were Messengers because of their immense size. The tallest man only came up to somewhere around their waist. They may have been dressed in white garments. I cannot be sure because the gold reflecting from the room we were in gave their garments a golden appearance and yet none of the men or women had this reflection alter the color of their clothes.

The room was so large that I couldn't see any of the surrounding walls with my eyes but I never doubted that it was a separate room. The floor was made up of large square stones also with a golden appearance. The feeling that I had was this was a throne room. That's when I turned my head from looking left to looking straight ahead.

I "saw" a brilliant white light beyond what any words can describe. It was pure, almost blinding to look at yet it didn't hurt my eyes. This light had no form or shape, no beginning or end and still it felt like I was seeing the King seated on His throne. Towards the top of the light, where one would expect a face to be, was a pair of eyes. They had an intense color to them that I can only describe as burning flames. I've never seen colors like these before and in fact I'm doing a poor job of describing them. They were colors that I could feel in my heart more than I could see with my eyes.

As all this was happening I felt an extreme reverence like I was standing before a King but I had no fear, no shame. It's very difficult to put in words what I felt and saw as our language comes up short trying to explain these events.

As I mentioned before, I wasn't sure where this was coming from but when I went to the bima to do the B'rit Chadasha reading I had my answer. I was asked to read Chazon (Revelation) chapters 1-3. As I read verse 14 of the first chapter I knew this was a gift from YAH.

" And His head and hair were white as white wool, as snow, and His eyes as a flame of fire,"

I believe I was given a glimpse into what takes place in the spiritual realm as we were observing Shabbat. I had a feeling like all this was happening on a simultaneous level. Although the vision was brief in duration it was very powerful and uplifting. One day the spiritual will be united with the physical and we will all stand before our Sovereign, our Moshiach. May the Sovereign above all sovereigns answer us on the day we call, HalleluYAH!"

Lou S.

We believe this vision was a sign that this Assembly is chosen by YAHUSHUAH, as depicted in the Book of Revelation, and this place on this hill is set-apart unto YAH. Praise YAH for His many signs and wonders. This vision is like finally making it to the finish line and touch down! The Messiah has taken His seat. We are in His Reign forever!



About two months ago (approx. Oct. 2010) a member came and told of a dream that we believe is prophetic.

From my recollection:  he was in a dream, and he found himself looking over a large housing area, like a large subdivison with a great many homes (maybe a whole city). Then, he saw a very large hand, like that of a messenger/angel stretched out over the homes, and a huge ball of fire came swooping down on the homes. The fire was so hot, it burned everything to ashes in seconds. It consumned everything in its path as it went.

But a few homes were not touched. As the fire went through there were some homes that were scattered about that seemed to have had a light blue veil over them, like an oval-shaped blue 'cloud.'  The ball of fire skipped these homes while consuming homes all around them. The fire did not touch any home with the light blue cloud above them. The fire was like nothing he had ever seen.

This dream was to given G. Higgins of Family of Messiah.

It didn't take us long to understand what  was being revealed. The homes with the light blue veil or cloud covering are the homes of those believers who are saved through the blood of YAHUSHUAH. The tribe of Yahudah has the color of light blue for its flag; but more importantly, this light blue color was revealed to Ruth in several visions throughout the years to mean heavenly. The staff that the Messiah our Sovereign holds as Shiloh is light blue.

The light blue was used to show that the people who were spared were the ones who escaped punishment who were under the blessings, not the curses. Judgment went forth, but a handful were spared. The Messiah said only a handful will be saved. The wrath of YAHUAH draws near.

Let us all prepare ourselves and come under His covering. This place is His Assembly, and we have a light blue staff which brings blessings to all His believers. We must reach out and warn as many as we can to come for cover. Praise YAH for His messages being revealed!


A time of refreshing is quickly coming to the set-apart ones of YAHUSHUAH

This dream was given to Ruth on Shabbat 7/14/10:

I found myself and others (not knowing the number) walking a path--where, I do not know--but we were all on a path. Everything seemed very peaceful as we walked. We came to the end of roads and automatically went to the right and kept walking. This happened a couple of times (I don't know how many times) and each time, we turned to the right. Then, this one road ended at a river. The river was in front of us, and there was a road to the left and a road to the right. It seemed that I looked to my right and immediately turned that way. I thought, "hmm, we can't cross the river"--because I didn't see a bridge. So I drew closer and noticed there was a big rock right beneath the surface of the water. Then, we began to walk across and to our surprise there were boulders beneath the water all the way across. I somehow was next to each person assisting to make sure no one falls. We continued to walk across this body of water and after minutes of walking, I could see what looked like a cafe or a restaurant of some sort, and the door was to the side as if it were open for those crossing the River. We got happy and quickly finished crossing, and we all entered this quiet cafe. I heard others on the other side of the cafe, but I couldn't tell what was going on over on that side nor could we see them. We had our own portion of the restaurant with quietness, and it was very peaceful. We were the only ones that came to this side. We saw that there was food waiting for us. It felt as if this was a place of refreshing and that we had made it! I felt as if the Spirit of Elohim was leading the entire way and led us into the times of refreshing as was spoken in the Scriptures. (Acts 3:19)

Act 3:19  “Repent therefore and turn back, for the blotting out of your sins, in order that times of refreshing might come from the presence of the Master, (20) and that He sends YAHUSHUAH Messiah, pre-appointed for you, (21) whom heaven needs to receive until the times of restoration of all matters, of which Elohim spoke through the mouth of all His set-apart prophets since of old."

A restaurant is only a temporary stop, so I believe it is just a break or a waiting place for whatever is next. This dream made me feel so good and elated because it confirms the previous dream written below.

I believe that our steps in our journey have been ordered by the Almighty Elohim through His Messiah YAHUSHUAH. We have heard, and we have obeyed. Because of this, He has guided us and has now led us to a place of refreshing and rest. He has given us our portion in the Messiah YAHUSHUAH, and we rest in Him. In other words, our course is complete, and we are now inviting the people to repent of their ways and believe in the Messiah YAHUSHUAH so that He will bring you peace and bring you to rest.

There are many roads that people travel, but we must understand that to stay on the 'right' side, which is righteousness, we must be guided by the Set-Apart Spirit of YAHUAH and follow the words of YAHUSHUAH, hearkening to His voice. We have a Shepherd, and we must be led by Him in every area of our lives. A time of refreshing tells us that we are on the right path and that we hear our Shepherd and only hear His voice--the voice of YAHUSHUAH our Master and Savior. Praise YAH forevermore!

Update: I later found out that the river that we were crossing, with the boulders coming up was the Shabatan River. This river is unrulely and uncrossable everyday of the week except the Shabbat.In the dream I stepped out on the Shabbaton River in complete belief. It will be on a Sabbath when we cross over. Shalom, Ruth



This dream was emailed to Ruth and Family of Messiah on 5-14-2010 from a sister (Brenda M.)  in the UK.


I had actually had this dream months before and had looked for a Scriptural reference at the time but could not find one.  It was put to the back of my mind and I had almost forgotten about it. That is until Thursday 28th Nov 2009.  I had been uneasy all day and that evening, this dream began to re-run in my head.  It was like when one gets a tune stuck in there and cannot get it out.  I didn't get a wink of sleep that night as this dream repeated.  Then, the next day as I looked fior something else, I found a reference that seemed to fit the dream, and the feelings that the dream had.

I ducked down under a branch and came out of a sparse wood.  The trees were bare, in fact they were black and charred.  In front of my was about 10ft. Of frosty ground and then, a huge field of virgin snow and it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.   It seemed of course to be winter and it was a full moon, which hung in the sky to my right.  The moonlight made the snow sparkle as if it held diamonds in it.  In the far distance was a huge mountain which took up the whole horizon.  This mountain sparkled  in the moonlight too because it wasn't plain rock.  The only description I can give is it seemed to be made of something like 'smokey quartz.' 

I look down at my feet and see that they are bare, I am dressed only in a long white nightie, like a Victorian nightie and with a thin shawl.  I see other bare feet to my left and right, I am not alone.  There are about 200 of us and we are all dressed the same.  We should be freezing but are not. There is no speech, but we all seem to be able to communicate and know that we must get over the snowfield, but we don't want to corrupt the snow.  Something is coming up behind us, something not good and we need to get to the mountain. 

A 'voice' commands "This way" and a youngish man steps out onto the snow.  Instinctively we all begin to shuffle sideways and take our turn to follow.  There is no panic and we all naturally step into the footprints and so there are only one set of footprints over the snow.

We get to the base of the mountain and find that there are others there standing on a small grassy lea in the foothills.  It is small but we all fit on easily and there is refreshment waiting for us.  The mountain is like a gemstone and has flashes of light running through it.  I put out my hand to touch it and hear "DON'T touch."

I look up and behind me to see him; it is I know, an angel and an angel that I have seen twice before in dreams, (the 1st time at only age 7)  I say "I know you," and he replies, "Yes, I know you too."

He is not alone, there are hundreds of them, and they are all dressed for battle.  Huge shields stand ready before them and each has his hand upon the hilt of his sword.  They are staring intently into the far distance; past the wood and we all know that something is coming closer.

Then another group of people come to the edge of the snowfield.  But these are dressed for winter and carry luggage.  They want to get over, they know that something bad is coming soon and they want to escape.  We humans move to the edge of the lea and will them to 'Go to the footprint, the footprints.'  They take no notice and begin to panic, shaking their fists at the mountain. I say, "They can't hear us," and the angel says, "No they cannot, they do not have ears."  Then I wake up!

I should add, that at no time did I think that this was a permanent place for us, it was simply a place of safety until whatever this thing was, was over.  I hope you can enlighten me or maybe confirm it with a dream or vision of your own   Shalom Ruth. And to all of my 'family' over there

Shalom Shabbat Shalom

Ruth's Comment: I believe YAHUAH will be  gathering His own from different parts of the world to His set-apart mountain. This picture of coming out of burned trees is a sign of some kind of affliction that had already started. The full moon depicts the time of the month. They were all dressed in white gowns showing that we have been declared righteous by our belief in YAHUSHUAH. The night gown shows it was nighttime. This reminds me of the parable of the 5 maidens who were ready when the Bridegroom came. All 200 being dressed the same shows the unity in the Spirit of Elohim. YAHUSHUAH had covered them, causing the flesh to decrease and the spirit to increase. In other words, they were all in the spiritual realm. The man who came forward to show 'the Way' I believe was YAHUSHUAH Himself. The only way to follow Him is to walk in His footsteps, from the greatest to the least, all being one in Him.

The people standing on the lee, receiving refreshments: 

Yesh/Is.25:6  And in this mountain YAHUAH of hosts shall make for all people a feast of choice pieces, a feast of old wines, of choice pieces with marrow, of old wines, well-refined.

Praise YAH! The 'Mountain' is heavenly from th e book of Ibrim/Hebrews 12:22-23. Just like Mount Sinai, no one was to touch the mountain. This mountain is Mt. Tsiyon (Zion). HalleluYAH!

Heb 12:22-23  But you have drawn near to Mount Tsiyon and to the city of the living Elohim, to the heavenly Yerushalayim, to myriads of messengers, to the entire gathering and assembly of the first-born having been enrolled in heaven, and to Elohim the Judge of all, and to the spirits of righteous men made perfect,

YAHUSHUAH directs our path to safety, to protect us until the indignation of YAHUAH passes by. After we are spiritually removed, the people who are not prepared will come close but will not be able to enter because they can't hear-- their garments are still of the flesh. We will only be able to intercede through prayer. When they shook their fists at the mountain, this signifies that they were mad at Elohim and did not submit themselves to Him to praise Him. This place was temporary because the meek shall inherit the earth. YAHUAH will reign with His people in the new earth and the new heaven. Praise YAHUAH  for this dream, because He has said only a handful will be saved. I pray that many will read this dream and heed the warning to quickly turn around to be saved and join the set-apart ones of YAHUAH. PRAISE YAH FOREVERMORE!




This dream was given to Catherine M. on 6/24/10

We (myself, and some others from the assembly) were standing behind a short brick wall, that came up to about chest level, looking out across land. The land was all dirt and the only thing on it was a small mountain in the distance. The mountain looked like it exploded or burst into a cloud. There wasn't any fire, it just looked as though it was a big cloud of dust. We then saw people (couldn't count them) walking towards us, not in a hurry, just casually walking as if they needed to get somewhere. They were dressed in biblical clothing, and it looked kind of dirty (dusty). Some had bags on their shoulders (not many though) and I think maybe one had a walking stick. Off to the left I saw some caves and I asked, "I wonder why they don't go to the caves instead of coming to us?" Then it started to rain. We then realized why they were walking to us and said to each other, "They knew it was going to rain that is why they came, how did they know it was going to rain?" When they reached us we were then under a tree. On the left side of the tree was hanging what looked like a fig. I then thought we must have been under a fig tree. There was only one fig that I could see and it was dark (like black) and it was in shape of a square about 2in. x 2in. A man was standing to my left by the fig that was hanging from the tree and he picked it. He took a bite of it and passed it to everyone to do the same. Everyone took a bite starting from the left going to the right (clockwise) until everyone bit a small piece. The piece got down to about half and didn't go any further, there was enough for everyone. When the piece got to me I saw it was only half gone and asked if everyone got some and did anyone want anymore. Nobody wanted anymore and everyone had some.

Ruth's Comment: YAHUSHUAH has built this set-apart place of YAHUAH Elohim:  Family of Messiah Fellowship, with members around the world and across America. After 21 years, YAHUAH has given His chosen ones a wall in the Renewed Yerushalayim. We have entered His Reign to reign with Messiah YAHUSHUAH. The scriptures below support this dream, and we rejoice because we have taken on the job of nurse/missionary to be a refuge for those who come out of the tribulation and are saved through it.

Yesh/Isa 4:3-6  And it shall be that he who is left in Tsiyon and he who remains in Yerushalayim is called set-apart, everyone who is written among the living in Yerushalayim.  (4) When YAHUAH has washed away the filth of the daughters of Tsiyon, and rinsed away the blood of Yerushalayim from her midst, by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning, (5) then YAHUAH shall create above every dwelling place of Mount Tsiyon, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night, for over all the esteem shall be a covering, (6)  and a booth for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain.

Fig tree:

Zec 3:10  ‘In that day,’ declares YAHUAH of hosts, ‘you shall invite one another, under the vine and under the fig tree.’  

Teh/Ps. 68:8-9  The earth shook and the heavens dropped before Elohim, This Sinai, shook before Elohim, the Elohim of Yisra’el. (9) You, O Elohim, sent a shower of plenty, You confirmed Your inheritance, When it was weary.

This is the mission field: to reach out to all nations and to be a refuge from the storm. The dark fig was a 'Mission fig,' which refers to the works of a missionary in His Kingdom. When each person ate, they ate of the fruit of the Reign of Elohim and committed their lives to serving Him. The 2" x 2" square (fig) is also symbolic of the Bride of YAHUSHUAH in the Reign of Elohim. It symbolizes a tangible commitment to YAHUAH to obey His word and eat of the fruit of His Spirit (it relates to the kinyan handkerchief used in the Engagement ceremony). This dream shows how our wall has been built to keep the enemy out and be a protective barrier--a City of Refuge for those coming from the desert, the world. YAHUAH will shake the earth, and many will come forth. A Royal Priesthood and a Set-Apart nation are all those who have returned to YAHUAH and accepted YAHUSHUAH. This is a sign of the Great Commission of YAHUSHUAH.




The below dream was given to Karina A. July of 2010

Shalom dear Ruth,

Here is the dream that you have been waiting for. To the best of my recollection.

You [Ruth] were sitting on a dinning room chair talking to me about peaceful things. Things of YAH. I was listening attentively and agreeing by nodding.  There was a special peace in the ambiance. The house was beautiful, with light colors and there was a lot of space. It had shades of earthly beiges, white and light pastel colors.

I looked out the door and there was a calm river. My mind instinctively said that it was the Yarden river. There were people in it. The water came up to their waist. I saw tall, thick in width leaves sprouting straight up, out of the surface and in bright lime green color.

The water had a milky color to it. The dream drifted to the inside of the house.

Then a man came in the house wearing a grey color suit. He was bold headed and of black descendant. His face was casted down. Octavia happened to be sitting in the same room, but quiet. Then the man approached her and told here that he had not won. Apparently he was running for office. Octavia gave him a hug and told him not to worry, that he would win the next time.

The next day when I recalled the dream, I asked myself why was this man in the dream. Then I remembered that he is the TV star on the old sitcom "The Jefferson's". The dry cleaner's owner. Then I called you to tell you the dream.

Blessings to all of you. And have a wonderful Shalom Shabbat. May YAH reveal His face to you even more day by day. Oh what an Elohim we have. Let us shout His praise and thanksgiving for the rest of our lives.

xoxo, Karina


Ruth's Comment: This dream was like lifting up those who humbled themselves and bringing down those who exalt themselves. The big house is a sign of us (leaders of Family of Messiah) being in His reign. YAHUSHUAH has built our house and finished it. A time of peace and comfort is coming upon us. Praise YAH! I was seated at a dining room table speaking good words, words of peace, to our sister Karina. This scene depicts the time of refreshing that we are to receive when we enter His Reign. This also means that I have received my calling to tend to the sheep; this is why I was seated--it is a sign of rest, that the journey's over.

Yesh/Is. 28:12  to whom He said, “This is the rest, give rest to the weary,” and, “This is the refreshing.” But they would not hear.

Act 3:19  “Repent therefore and turn back, for the blotting out of your sins, in order that times of refreshing might come from the presence of the Master,

Our House is finished! This is a sign of His awesome Presence which brings  a time of refreshing. Praise to YAHUAH! YAHUSHUAH has built our house, so that He and the Father may come to us and His Presence be with us forever.
The colors in the house were beige, which is a color that I have seen in several dreams. Beige is a neutral (or center) color showing our positon and calling--the job of a nurse. A nurse feeds and nurtures like a mother. This is our calling: we must feed the lamb, shepherd the sheep, and feed the sheep (Yoh. 21).  The white depicts our works of righteousness, and the pastel colors show that we are of the bride assembly, the bride of YAHUSHUAH. Praise be to His Name forever!

The people coming out of the milky river are people who will bring the wealth to this house of YAHUAH. The milky color refers to Yesh/Is. 60:16 And you shall drink dry the milk of the gentiles, and shall milk the breast of sovereigns. And you shall know that I, YAHUAH, your Saviour and your Redeemer, am the Elohim of Ya'aqob. We are fishers of men. YAHUAH will choose, and He will fish them out. The tall grasses are reeds. The calmness of the river was a sign of His peace.

On the show The Jeffersons, the theme song was, 'Well we're movin' on up.'  They moved up as in being exalted, but now the exalted ones come down and without favor. Octavia said that he will have another chance the next time. He has to first come down and be humbled, then YAH will raise him back up. We have been humbled in YAHUAH and now we expect to be moving upward. Praise be to His Name forevermore! This dream all points to the Reign of Elohim.



This dream was given to Agnus in London 6-2010

Shalom Dear Ruth

I was delayed yesterday coming home, however all is well.

The Dream

After speaking to you a few weeks ago and you explain to me re: Habeas Corpus, and encouraged me to visit The Family website, I did the next day. I understood the process and I had meditated on the scriptures before. That night before I went to bed, I knelt down by my bed and went through the process of 'Spritual Writ of Habeas Corpus'. Then I went to bed and slept.

As I lay on my bed I had this dream: There was a really big house like a mansion with lots of people in one of the big rooms. The people were interacting with one another and socialising. Then someone informed the people in the room that this wicked person and people were coming to the mansion and that everyone in the room was in danger. The person then turned to me to informe me that I was high on the list and that he is espercially after me. People were terrified and panicking and just kept moving around the room. When I realised I was high on the list and the enemy was really after me then I decided to leave the house quickly to escape.

I stepped out of the house into a really big compound, really massive and spacious ground all around the house, but I came out through the back yard and started walkng straight ahead of me, my main intension is to leave the place as fast as possible. As I kept on walking,  then I looked on the ground where the hedges and the bushes were to pass through then I saw very thick and twisted barb wire with sharp metal razor blade spikes sticking out at ground level. I was so shocked and I traced the barb wire and realised it was all around the perimeter of the house but a far distance from the house itself hidden in the hedges and bushes, so that it would not be noticeable to anyone. I stepped over the barb wire and walked a few yards then I saw another barb wire with the same lethal spikes sticking out of the ground hidden in bushes, again all around the perimeter of the house. Discreet and camouflage with the ground but intended to cause serious injury to anyone who steps on it - 2 rows of  lethal razor blade barb wire and spikes. I was going to step over and simple escape. Yet the people in the house who live in what seems to be a safe house with freedom to move in the house and in the big compound didnt know about the traps.

Then I turned back and went back towards the house thinking about the people left inside because I somehow knew that they would not be able to step over the spikes to escape. Its like they're bound in that big room. They didnt leave the room they were just walking around in the room worried and terrified. As I walked in through the door thinking that the Almighty HIMSELF will have to deliver us from the danger because even if we all escape, there's nowhere to hide. This agressor is determined.

Then everything in the room turned red. Everything. It was like a red diffusion light that enveloped everything and everyone in red. The light was kinda soft and gentle and comforting and soothing and enveloping. From the top of the ceiling, the walls, pictures, everything was red.  It was like being in another world totally. We were all so amazed in wonderment. Somehow no one remembered the fear and the agressor again. We were just bathed in wonderment and comfort and joy in this red gentle comforting light.

Then when I woke up in the morning thinking what it all meant. I knelt down by my bed again and took my scripture and ask Our Heavenly Abba to show me. When I opened the scripture the page opened to Zephanayah chp 3 and my eyes fell on verse 14 and I read it through to the end of the chapter to verse 20.

14) "Sing , O daughter of Zion; sound a trumpet, O Israel; be glad and rejoice with all your heart, O daughter of Yarushalem.

15) Almighty YAH has taken away your judgments, He has cast out your enemies; The King of Israel, The Most High, Almighty YAH is in the midst of you; you shall not see evil anymore, (we are no longer under judgement !)

16) In that day it shall be said to Yarushalem, Fear not; and to Zion, Let not your hands be weak.

17) Almighty YAH, your Ruler (Elowah) in the midst of you is a Mighty SAVIOUR .......to verse 20

HalleluYAH, Praise Creator YAH for ever and for ever. HalleluYah.


Shalom Aleikum Micheal and Ruth, Thank you both for being HIS faithful servants and for your encouragements. May Our Heavenly Abba continue to guide you in the path of righteousness. May HE bestow upon you wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counselling, and the Kadosh Ruach to guide you in all you do. May HE protect you and envelope you in His mercy and love and protection as you push forward in proclaiming HIS Kingdom

There is also a second part to this revelation which all believer must do in order to walk out of oppression into total freedom without burden and fear. We need to get rid of the idols in our lives and hearts and renounce our sins and those of our ancestors or forefathers. The blood of the New Covenant to wash and cleanse us so that we can enjoy the ' Blessings of Abraham'.

The Old covenant required faith and obedience from His people and like wise the New covenant also requires our faith, obedience and trust in Our Creator and Saviour - HIM only we worship and obey!

Remain Blessed and Highly Favoured.

your friend agnes

Ruth's Comment: Praise YAH!  The people are in the house, and they are happy. Sometimes we are not aware of what's going on. Among the people is a messenger who will relate what is happening. The person said that the enemy was coming, and he wanted Agnus. She heard the message and became frightened and tried to escape. She found out that there was a hedge with wire fence around the perimeter of the house. Instead of feeling protected, she felt like she was bound in. The people were not bound but dwelling in the House of YAH. The hedge of protection was for the people who were inside, and the wires were seen by Agnus because of her belief and position in His kingdom. Nothing is hidden. YAHUAH has said that He will place a hedge of protection around His people. The enemy always wants the strong one first, but the strong one must be just that--'strong' and not fear nor run. She was able to see the hidden wires, but not everyone could see. She was the shepherd for her group. This is why she came back: because a shepherd would not abandon his/her sheep. Fear caused her to run, but love caused her to return. Our enemies cannot get through the many barb wires that are hidden. Our enemies in the natural cannot see what can hurt them in the spiritual. None can ever reach the House in which we dwell.

The barb wires that spread out around the house were there for the enemies that try to come in, not the people trying to escape. It was the hedge that YAHUAH placed about her group. YAHUAH explained the writ of Habeus Corpus as a parable of the Reign of Elohim in our midst. When we are free, no harm can come! If one is inside when the threat comes, do not go out. Just stand firm and pray. YAHUSHUAH will save us through His blood and great shall be our peace. This dream depicts the safety we receive when we come into the Assembly of YAHUSHUAH, the greatest assembly.

I personally have seen His blood come to me in a time of danger in a dream. In the dream, I was walking and saw about 8 men holding a woman against the wall as to hurt her. Then I came up and told them to let her go. They dropped her and grabbed me, and then I was pinned up on the wall. They had my neck so that I couldn't say anything, but I turned my head to the right and I saw that mysterious flow of blood, bright and deep red and awesome-looking, coming towards me. I must have passed out at that point, and when I came to, I saw all the men who had me pinned up on stretchers going into ambulances a distance away. I learned after this dream: woe to those who come against the set-apart ones of YAHUSHUAH. HE WILL DELIVER HIS BRIDE FROM ALL EVIL AND DANGERS. WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT YAHUAH HIMSELF!



The dreams above are all parables concerning the House of YAHUAH in YAHUSHUAH our Bridegroom. Through YAHUSHUAH, we are set to escape the Endtime tribulations that are coming from YAH. We are in His Kingdom, and we are a place of refuge. We will be provided for because the bride has made herself ready to play the role of spiritual bride to the Lamb of Elohim and mother to the children of Elohim to feed and nurture and nurse for healing of His people. This is the calling of the Daughters of Tsyion in the last day. The bride has made herself ready, therefore, the time is short.  PRAISE TO YAHUAH OUR EL, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. WE SHALL SERVE HIM AND WORSHIP ONLY HIM AND NONE OTHER !