November 22, 2017 @ 2:38 PM

                 Sexual Immorality is Condemned by the Almighty
The Proud ones have been judged and all those who do any form of immorality especially sexual immorality will be exposed. 
Several years ago we came into the knowledge that there is a very strong sexual addiction problem in America and the world. Sexual addictions must be dealt with strongly even stronger than any other addictions. 
Almost all other addictions such as food or drugs harm the individual only, but sexual addictions destroy the one receiving the harm as well as the one committing the crime. 
 We condemn the immoralities in this country sexual or otherwise. What is ............

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November 13, 2017 @ 8:30 PM

Please consider making a donation to us to support our works and help us to do even greater works. The Reign of the Most High has come. 
We are doing it! We are interceding before the Almighty so that we have peace in our land causing violence to cease. We are praying for YAH'S compassion and mercies so His judgement is lessened and lives are saved. We are praying for generational curses to be broken off the lives of people and they are broken. We are interceding for righteousness to abound and that the evils in this world be abated. We are counselors for those needing peace of mind. We are helping the grief stricken and depressed to be set-free. We are feeding needy families and helping to ............

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November 7, 2017 @ 5:27 PM

Suicidal? Depression? Grief Stricken? Sadness? No Joy? 
Be strong Help is on the earth! YAH is with me and I am seeing the results.
The Messiah is with me and the Messenger of the Most High walks with me. Goodness is flowing to all who believe. Trust in Him!
If you are suffering from any of these and more, you can be spiritually delivered. Depression, sadness, grief, suicidal thoughts, bad feelings, lowliness (feeling down),
fear, anxiety, worry,unsettleness, loneliness, deprivation, sorrow, rejection and unloved.
Call my Ministry or e-mail. I will personally pray for your relief . Many have been transformed from depression and grief to joyous.
You tell us what is .........

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September 11, 2017 @ 11:13 AM


Obey this Command and save your life. The Plague will cease when the people obey!

2Ch 24:9  and made it known in Yehuḏah and in Yerushalayim to bring to יהוה the levy that Mosheh the servant of Elohim had imposed on Yisra’ĕl in the wilderness.

Exo 30:12  “When you take the census of the children of Yisra’ĕl, to register them, then each one shall give an atonement for his life to יהוה, when you register them, so that there is no plague among them when you register them.

Exo 30:13  “Everyone among those who are registered is to give this: half a sheqel according to the sheqel of the ...............

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June 8, 2016 @ 4:44 PM


The Scriptures make it clear that if you bless the Almighty by giving to do His work, or giving the tenth, He will bless your life.

Sieze this opportunity to be blessed with life, protection, provision and peace. I was born to be a blessing to people. For the last 26 years my family and I sought for the true path of righteousness and found the true Master the Moshiach of Heaven and the earth. His Presence is with us. I have life with me because the Master the Messiah is Life. I am a spiritual nurse and want to be a blessing to all. We want to build His House by building up the Ministry. By giving to help our purpose you will be blessed and your business shall be to overflowing! Together we can .........

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December 25, 2015 @ 9:46 PM

The House of Refuge in the Last Days

The Place where the Name of יהוה Dwells


We are in the last days, the days of Noah. The Most High has raised up a place of Refuge to save a remnant of the people!

Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly is the House of YAH for the last days, built by the Branch - the Messiah YahuShuah. YahuShuah, the Mashiach of Heaven and Earth, laid the foundation of the House of YAH and has brought it to completion. 

This House represents a belief in the Name of the Most High - יהוה [YAH-U-AH] - and a dedication to obey His Laws and Commands.


The Set-Apart Priesthood & the Anointing Oil

ZekarYah chapter 4 had to be fulfilled in these ............

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December 4, 2015 @ 2:11 AM



We condemn all the mass killings throughout the world, all activities of terrorism, all planned harm through agricultural and manufactured products, and all pestilences and diseases designed to harm innocent people! Wherever wrong is done to harm someone, the Almighty shall punish the guilty!

Choose to do good and keep the Commands of YAH, Maker of Heaven and the earth!

He is kind, and He is the protector of those who love Him and obey His Commands.

The Most High protects His own when they repent to walk in His Way.

He will protect you from the terror by day or night. He will guard you from all bombs and weapons of destruction. He will keep horrible diseases from ...............

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October 30, 2015 @ 11:08 PM

Tzedek u'Mishpat

A Nation Built on Righteousness & Right-Ruling


In this week's Parsha Vayera, the 'big story' is the destruction of Sedom and Amorah (Sodom & Gomorrah). We all know that Sedom was destroyed for it's evil and wickedness, and most often we associate it with the sin of sodomy (because the people wanted to 'know' Lot's guests). But there's a little more to the story than that...
In the beginning of the parsha, Abraham is visited by three messengers--the same messengers who then travel to Sedom to destroy the city and rescue Lot. YAHUAH informs Abraham about what is about to happen to Sedom (YAH always reveals His plans to His chosen ones), and...

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October 13, 2015 @ 8:48 PM

The End of Time War

A How-to, Spiritual Survival Guide for the Last Days


Defense Strategies for Surviving the Battles of the Last Day:

Everyone can be a soldier in this war.

*First:  You must call on the Name of YAHUAH (or YAH--Ps.68:4) through the Name of YahuShuah, the Messiah of Heaven and the Earth! In this Name you will win the battles in your life.

*Second: Stop mind control. Stop the devil and his helpers from controlling your mind. Use your spiritual weapons: daily prayer and reading from the Scriptures (The Scriptures online: Read the Psalms and also recite the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 : 1-17) everyday! Be diligent to read the Scriptures ......

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September 22, 2015 @ 11:00 PM

[Click here to read our Yom Teruah page to be inscribed in the Book of Life & the Book of the Covenant]





obedience → atonement


The Most High wants us to repent from disobedience to His voice, the word given through His Messiah. When we were walking in opposition to His Word (the Law and the Prophets), we were walking in transgression. However, when we return from being disobedient to being obedient, YAHUAH delights in our obedience and accepts our confessions. In His kindness towards us, He turns away from His wrath and grants us atonement. Atonement means He has forgiven us of our transgressions (because we confessed and turned from sin to walk in His ways), He wipes away our sins.........

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