Your Offerings to the House of YAH


YAHUAH is the All-Encompassing Father, El Shaddai! He is the Trustworthy El Who says and does. Praise to His Set-Apart Name forever!

Fulfill Scripture by giving to the work of the Reign of Elohim.

Debarim / Deuteronomy 12:11:  "And it shall be, that unto the place which YAHUAH your Elohim chooses to make His Name dwell there, there you are to bring all that I command you: your burnt offerings, and your offerings, and your tithes, and the contributions of your hand, and all your choice offerings which you vow to YAHUAH."

His True Name is here, for this is the Dwelling Place of YAHUAH (Deb/Deut.12:5)



Our Prayer to the Almighty Elohim, the Most High! Please let Your ear be attentive and Your eyes open, to hear the prayer of Your servants which we are praying before You now, day and night, for this great work, and for all Your servants who delight to fear Your great and awesome Name.

"We pray, to the Almighty Elohim, Maker of Heaven and earth, oh great and awesome Father above, the One Who guards the covenant and loving-kindness with those who love You and with those guarding Your commands; please hear the prayer of your servants who fear your Name and desire to do all Your will. We ask You, Father, in the Name of YahuShuah the Messiah the Teacher of Righteousness Whom you gave us, that we receive favor from You for we believe in Him. If it be Your will, let the hearts of man be turned to favor Your servants of this House doing Your will, that they give of their goods and material wealth and of silver and gold, so that the works of Your House continue to serve You in righteousness. Oh great and awesome Elohim, all people should know that all of the wealth in the world belongs to You and we brought nothing here and we take nothing when we die. It all belongs to You, and You have made stewards of the people that they should share in the works of Your House, this Set-apart place, so that You may bless their lives and rebuke the devouer thus protecting their homes from all disasters. Our request in the Name of YahuShuah is to You YAH, for we believe that only You can touch the hearts of man to be faithful unto You. In Your compassion please forgive us all of our sins, for we have sinned against You. Please  bless our obedience. We thank You our faithful and awesomely good Heavenly Father and Redeemer for hearing our prayers and supplications before You. We thank You YAH for everyone You chose to help with the works of Your House. We pray in the Name of YahuShuah the Messiah of Heaven and Earth, So Be It! So Be It!





Contribute By Check or Money Order:

You may contribute by check/money order made payable to: Family of Messiah Assembly

mail to:

Family of Messiah Assembly     P.O. Box 50884    Summerville, SC 29485


Contribute By Credit/Debit Card:

You may contribute by credit/debit card via paypal. A paypal account is not required.


Thank you and may YAHUAH bless you abundantly!