YAHUAH has given us a spiritual cure for the endtime diseases, the plagues that are coming upon the earth. He has given us the OIL OF YAHUAH.  We are preparing this Oil for distribution to as many as possible before the plagues begin.  We know this is the remedy that YAHUAH has provided in His great compassion to save the people. 

The first step in surviving the plagues is repentance.  You must repent of your sins and be forgiven in order to survive.  This House of Elohim received the revelation of the Oil and the anointing of healing.  It is this House that makes intercession on your behalf so that your sins may be forgiven.  

To receive the Oil of YAHUAH, you must send a contribution to the House of Elohim as an offering to YAHUAH for your sins. We will pray for you and send you a small package for your healing. The package contains the Oil of YAHUAH, a Tabernacle Cloth (to connect you to His House), and a prayer card.  You must send a contribution to receive your package:

Family of Messiah      P.O. Box 50884      Summerville, SC  29485


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The time has come for all people to be made aware of their sins because the day of Judgment draws near.  This Decree was a word given to His daughter Hadagah, to give people a warning to trust in YAHUAH in the days of evil and scarcity of food.  This Decree was given on March 8, 2011.  If we do not know what is happening and what is coming, how can we prepare?  Please read the Word and listen to the video and believe so that you can prepare for the coming days of trouble.  YAHUSHUAH has said, "In the world you will have distresses but in Me you will have peace."  Peace comes with trust, and the One to be trusted is YAHUAH in the Name of YAHUSHUAH.



“Hear the Word of YAH:

Let all people hear this Decree, Jews and Gentiles, all people throughout the earth.

The wrong ones have raised their evil heads to go into the next phase of their wicked scheme to destroy the innocent of mankind.

I hearby alert all people - small and great - to do what pleases Me.  I AM     יהוה   (YAHUAH) the El of Avraham, Yitshaq and Ya’aqob, the One Who spoke and the world came into being.   I AM the Master of the universe, it is I who builds up and I who tears down!  No one is greater than I for I alone am the Maker of heaven and earth. Therefore My people do not fear.  The evildoers will be caught into their own traps and will destroy themselves.

Prepare My people, prepare, for it is I who will shake the earth, and it is I who will bring punishment on the people, even those who are scheming evil, I will destroy them.

You must call on My Name through My Son.  You must prepare to know and to thrust in Me alone, for all those who trust in Me, I shall not fail them.

Prepare your home, prepare the food that shall not perish--My word.  Make certain your home has Scriptures, My Word, for this is the main food you will need.  All other foods, before you drink or eat, lift it up to Me in thanksgiving.  I will multiply your water and your bread.  Always call on My Name YAHUAH through My Son’s Name יהושה (YAHUSHUAH).

Many are now being destroyed with sicknesses.  Do what is right, and I will see to it that no sickness comes upon you.  You must be trustworthy:  do not lie, steal, or cheat anyone.  Show kindness to all and harbor no wrath or unforgiveness in your being.  Trust in Me completely and rest.

Buy flour, water, and oil. Keep these ingredients in your home and a means to cook.  I AM able to feed, protect and heal you, but you must prepare for Me.  My day is quickly coming.  Many days are coming and have come before My great day; therefore, I make this Decree, that you prepare for Me, and I will prepare for you.  I AM YAHUAH your Elohim.  I AM the Master of all worlds, and the One in charge of everything.  Nothing happens without My consent.

Know Me, for all shall know Me.  Trust in the One Who can heal you.  Trust in the One whose hands are able to cover and protect.  Trust in Me and bring praises to My Name.  I will give you victory over all the forces of evil if you call on My Name and do not fear.

I AM your weapon when you call upon Me.  My Messengers are quickly on the scene to save you.  Fear not, My little ones, fear not--for I AM with you and mighty to save.  Call on the Name – YAHUAH and My Son, through His Name YAHUSHUAH.  When you call My Name followed by My Son’s Name, you are saying “YAHUAH, YAHUAH is my Salvation. " You are calling Me and making affirmation that I AM your Savior.  This is why it is important that you say YAHUAH  in the Name of YAHUSHUAH.  I AM with you to save you.

Give thanks in My Name for the water you drink and the foods you eat, and it will not harm you.  Come into My Shelter (belief) and no weapon on earth can penetrate.  It is the greatest fortification ever built that no weapon on earth can penetrate.

I AM your Savior, I AM your Master, trust in Me and prepare for My coming. I shall return!

This Decree was written for all people to prepare for the coming wrath of man.  But overall, I AM in control. Trust in Me, My people, trust in Me and prepare!