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Disasters of many forms are coming upon the earth.  Many will be hurt and suffer losses.  THE TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW!  We do not have time to waste!  YAHUAH the Almighty has revealed to us that it is time to go forth and begin to make disaster relief preparations.


Our main needs are:  warehouse space, non-perishable foods, water, emergency supplies, first-aid supplies, generators, coal/wood heaters, water purifiers, temporary shelters,  and delivery vehicles. We desire to build a Storehouse for the Almighty so that all those in need during and after a disaster will be provided for. Please support our efforts.




The Almighty Elohim has revealed to us that a time of judgment has come upon the earth.  Over the past few months, this awareness has increased greatly.  YAHUAH directed us to read Shemoth/Exodus 3:6-20 and to understand it in the spiritual realm for today.  Judgment upon the world is imminent, but the people of YAH others He has chosen will be set free as in the days of Moses.  YAHUAH sent the plagues to judge Mitsrayim (Egypt), and now the plagues will be upon the world once again. A great 'cold' is coming!


The world has changed dramatically.  The times have become extremely evil, and love has grown cold.    People are dying senselessly; cancer, heart disease, and other major diseases are increasing year to year.  Violent crimes and brotherly hatred are on the rise; people just do not care like they once did.  The works of evil are on the earth, and it will get worse.   This generation is the generation that will see the mighty hand of the Almighty Elohim. The Scripture tells us that He will strike down the wicked, and evil will be destroyed; but He will save His ownYAH will separate His people from the rest so He can protect them and save them.  He is now prompting us to get prepared for the time has drawn near.  We don't know the exact dates, but it is getting very close to that day of judgment. 


It is now time for us all to look at life a little differently.  It is the time of survivalAll people -- rich and poor -- will go through the disasters, and all will have to rely on the Almighty to make it through!  Only those who call on the Name of the true Messiah YAHUSHUAH will make it!  We all have to be prepared!  Therefore, we are reaching out to the communities to let the people know that truly the time has come -- they must prepare!  We must get ready!





YAHUAH has prepared Family of Messiah Assembly, His congregation who knows His Name, for the coming disasters.  Our mission is to prepare communities for the coming days of judgments and to provide relief after disaster strikes.  We have the job of nursing--caring for those in need.  We are spiritually prepared to lead the people to safety through the Good News of YAHUSHUAH Messiah.  We must do our part to prepare the people by preparing their hearts and minds to survive




Family of Messiah Disaster Relief Team will pass out Disaster and Emergency Preparedness materials to as many in the local communities as possible.  We will use newspapers, radio advertisements, handbills, and the internet to to reach as many people as possible.  The community must be made aware of the potential disasters and how to prepare for them.  The poor and needy will require assistance in their preparations.  We also must prepare our staff with Disaster Relief and Emergency Response training. 


The Pre-Disaster operation requires funding for overhead costs and all incidental costs. Fundraising is highly necessary. Family of Messiah has undertaken a big challenge, and our work can only go as far as the Almighty allows and the funding permitsFunds must cover the costs of, advertising, emergency supplies, food and water, temporary shelters, and storage facilities.




We also must be ready for the aftermath of disasters to help save as many lives as we can.  To prepare relief is an act of loving-kindness from our Heavenly Father to help the survivors.  We want to be able to sustain the people after temporary help from other large relief organizations leaves. We will work alongside all relief efforts for the well-being of the people. 


Disaster Relief in the aftermath of the storms involves implementing our Emergency Plan of Action.  Our team will conduct door-to-door house checks to assess needs in the community.  We will provide clean-up help as needed.  Our main focus, however, will be on long-term help in the communities.  The survivors of a natural disaster will be in need long after major organizations leave, and we will be able to help sustain life by providing food, water, temporary shelter, and other supplies. Our staff will include trained nurses and volunteers to help those needing special care.  Ministers will also be available for counseling. 


These services will be available to all those in need, regardless of race, nationality, social status, or religion.



Our goal is to raise up a Disaster Team -- like an army -- and travel anywhere in the USA and abroad to assist with disasters.  We are preparing to help you in time of need.  We want to be fully equipped to assist wherever a disaster might occur and where people's lives are in danger.  We will accomplish our goals depending on those who become a part of our work and send financial support.  We greatly appreciate all those who partner with us, and together we will make preparations so that lives will be saved and sustained in the time of disasters.


Family of Messiah wants to be there for the poor and needy in both pre-disaster preparation and post-disaster relief.  The Elohim of Avraham, Yitshaq, and Ya'acob (G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) has given Family of Messiah this awesome task to prepare the people and great is the reward!  This is the service of Ministers Michael and Ruth Dunn and the Elders of the Assembly:  To spread the Good News of the Messiah and to be the nurses for the aftermath of His judgments that are coming in the earth.  The key to success is to rely on the Set-Apart Spirit for guidance before, during, and after a disaster.




There are not enough disaster relief operations to cover all of the communities across the US.  We must get involved in this area of service to the communities.  We want to assist before and after a major disaster strikes, but we have to raise funds to be able to provide for the people. 


Our main needs are:  warehouse space, non-perishable foods, water, emergency supplies, first-aid supplies, generators, coal/wood heaters, water purifiers, temporary shelters,  and delivery vehicles.




Our Prayer to the Almighty Elohim, the Most High! Please let Your ear be attentive and Your eyes open, to hear the prayer of Your servant which I am praying before You now, day and night for this great work, and all Your servants who delight to fear Your great and awesome Name.

"I pray, to the Almighty Elohim, Maker of Heaven and earth, oh great and awesome Father above, the One who guards the covenant and loving-kindness with those who love You and with those guarding Your commands, please hear the prayer of Your servant who fears Your Name and desires to do all Your will. I ask You Father, in the Name of YAHUSHUAH the Messiah whom You gave us, that we receive favor from You when we believe in Him. If it be Your will, let the hearts of man be turned to favor Your servants of this House doing Your will, that they give of their goods and material wealth and of silver and gold, so that the works of Your House continue to serve You in righteousness. Oh great and awesome Elohim, all people should know that all of the wealth in the world belongs to You, and we brought nothing here and we take nothing when we die. It all belongs to You and You have made stewards of the people that they should share in the works of Your House, this Set-apart Place, so that You may bless their lives and protect their homes from the disasters in the end. Our request in the Name of YAHUSHUAH is to You YAH, for I believe that only You can touch the hearts of man to be faithful unto You, that You should bless their obedience. I thank You my faithful and awesomely good Father and Redeemer for hearing my prayer and supplications before You. I thank You YAH for everyone You chose to help with the works of Your House. I pray inYour Great Name the Messiah of Yisrael, So Be It!"



Become a part of this work and be blessed from the Most High Elohim.  This is an offering of love to all mankind.  We must bless others to be blessed.


Please call for more information:  (843)821-4832

We accept cash donations & donations in-kind (no clothing please)


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