Middle East Peace--Seeking Philanthropists
Spiritual Warfare for Peace in the Middle East

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Notice Update: June 18, 2009

We sought for a philanthropist to sponsor our journey, but found none.  No one helped even though we knew it was important that we make the journey.  We gathered from friends and family, maxed out credit cards, sold personal items, and exhausted savings so our group could make the journey.  We started as a group of about 18, then dropped to 15, and finally 10 of us were able to travel the exodus route to redeem Israel.  We knew that we had to do the will of Elohim, and we also knew that at the same time, YAH was testing us to see how much we believed.  Elohim tested the children of Israel before crossing over the same way.  We had to overcome giants in our way, but we made it.  We travelled from America to Cairo, then to Jordan, and then into Israel from May 26 to June 7, 2009.  Now all Israel will be celebrating their inheritance.  Please if you can partner with us to help us to continue to work toward Mideast peace it will be appreciated.




Seeking Kind-hearted Philanthropists to be our Eternal Partners


We at Family of Messiah are seeking philanthropists with big-hearts to partnership with us because Mideast peace is the responsibility of us all. Eternal partners are urgently needed. If you are a believer in the most High Elohim and He has blessed you with wealth, then He has given to you the Office of Stewardship. We are Ministers of His Word, and we sit in the office of Nurse (Helper). We fight for, care for, heal, deliver, and protect His people--spiritually and physically. We labor to preserve the people of Elohim from harm. We make no judgments on the world, this office is Elohim's alone. We are obeying Him to do all His will, but we must have those who are in the Office of Stewardship to also do His will, which is to supply our needs. If you obey the Father and know that you are an Officer of Stewardship, then only good will come your way. According to Scriptures, you will be blessed beyond measure and all will go well for you in health and family and all that you put your hands to do (Deut. 28:1-14). Only fear Elohim. If you disobey and do not believe what I am saying to you this day, but refuse to help with the work of Elohim, then according to the Scriptures, things will not go well with you (Deut. 28:15-68).

Please, if Elohim has blessed  you, do His will and give. The Most High Elohim wants us to obey Him, so that His work goes without interruptions and we are all blessed.



We are a small congregation in South Carolina who Elohim has called to be His envoy to the Middle East. We have been chosen to proclaim the Good News of Peace from Egypt to Israel, and to the world. We have been chosen to complete what Yahuah (God 's Name) started thousands of years ago. There is a principality of the evil one (strongholds) which is causing sibling rivalry. This 'brotherly hatred' is the primary cause of the crisis in the Mideast and the world. It is the rivalry of the older brother against the younger brother, which began with Cain and Abel, and continued through Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, and onto the present day. This hatred is covering the world: Jews and Muslims, North and South Koreans, Irish Catholics and Protestants, Sunnis and Shiites, tribal wars throughout Africa, and the list goes on. This brother against brother hatred is a stronghold spirit that is covering the Mideast and causing hatred and violence. The crisis will escalate if we do not bring God's work to completion before the great day of His wrath. Elohim (God) wants His people to finally be at peace, not just in Israel but around the world as well. We must begin here and now!


This is a spiritual crisis which God (Elohim) has prepared us to address because He is with us. It is God who conquers and gives the victory. We know what needs to be done and have been prepared for the last 20 years. We are spiritually ready to make spiritual intercessions in the land to bring down the strongholds, but we need your partnership. We know that God is able to do it all; so I believe that He has prepared others to join us as eternal partners. In doing this, they too become soldiers by supplying the need.


We are planning a 14-day journey from Egypt to Jordan and on into Israel. Elohim will bring down the strongholds of baseless hatred and brotherly envy when we do His will in the land. Peace and security will come to all people, beginning at Jerusalem.This will be a rather quiet visit for our agenda is spiritual not politically motivated.


Spiritually, Jerusalem is the center of the world. If there is no peace in the Mideast, then there will be no peace in the world. We will go as envoys for the Messiah as He goes before us and with us. Please, we need partners because we must make this journey! We are silent Peacemakers, and Elohim is our guide. The crisis cannot be solved by political means because it is a spiritual problem, and a spiritual problem can only be solved spiritually. We have the solution. Please help us to complete this very important mission. We are all responsible for bringing peace to this world. The enemy will no longer be able to destroy innocent lives. A good Scriptural example of our mission is depicted in Numbers 32; we must go and fight (spiritually) for the people of Elohim.


We are planning our journey begins in May,2009.  We urgently need funds.  Please partner with us and assist in this mission of Elohim by sending a donation to Family of Messiah Fellowship.  If you have any questions about our ministry or the mission to the Middle East, please give us a call. (843) 821-4832


God bless you,

Michael and Ruth Dunn


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