Peace at Pearl Harbor



Rest for the Souls of our Sailors!

On October 29, 2015, the souls of the many soldiers who died at sea on the coast of Hawaii at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 were finally given rest. Many of the mourners feel as if the bodies of the dead soldiers were not at rest. There is oil from the wrecked ship still seeping out into the water. About a few quarts a day of oil flows into the water where the ship is lying. Some people call this seeping of oil “black tears” meaning the tears of the deceased sailors. Seventy-four years after the attack, the oil is still flowing and the mourners are still weeping. No one seems to believe that the sailors are at rest.

On October 29, 2015, the compassion of the Most High, the Almighty יהוה [YAHUAH], came to Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii to give rest to the souls of His righteous ones trapped at sea. From December 7, 1941 until October 29, 2015, the spirits of the sailors were still suffering and not at rest.

They died a horrible and violent death from an unexpected attack from the Japanese air strikes early in the morning on December 7, 1941. Their deaths were without peace, causing their souls to remain restless until now. The bodies of many sailors are trapped in the ship beneath the water. The ship has become the burial site for its crewmen who died aboard.

The Arizona: Before the Attack in 1941


Brief  History of Pearl Harbor:

The Japanese leaders, who already had confrontations with America, commanded an attack on the fleet at Pearl Harbor during WWII. The US had issued an embargo on Japan prohibiting them from receiving steel, iron, oil, etc. This embargo began in September of 1940. Months later, in June 1941, the Japanese expansion was prohibited when the US, Great Britain, and the Netherlands froze Japan’s assets keeping them from being able to purchase oil. This would have crippled all their military defenses.



December 7, 1941

Japan planned retaliation against the United States for its interferences and bombed Pearl Harbor killing over 2,300 soldiers with 1,177 on the Arizona alone.

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  • To watch a video explaining why the attack. This video is played at the Arizona Museum Theater



The USS Arizona was bombed by Japanese war planes on December 7, 1941 and went down just before 8:00am.

This message addresses the souls of all who were killed from the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, but especially focuses on those of the Arizona. The Arizona became a tomb for the men who were trapped inside when they died. It is now a “grave site” for the bodies of the sailors who died a violent death. The picture below is an aerial view of the memorial building constructed over the ruined sunken ship lying just below the surface of the water.


The Memorial Museum at Pearl Harbor


Popular memorial songs:

Eternal Father, Strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
O hear us when we cry to thee,
for those in peril on the sea.

Extended lyrics:

And when at length her course is run, 
Her work for home and country done,
Of all the souls that in her sailed
Let not one life in thee have failed; 
But hear from heaven our sailor's cry, 
And grant eternal life on high!

(Author/date Unknown)

These songs are often sung at the many memorial services at the Pearl Harbor Memorial museum for the Arizona. Almost all versions of the song ("Eternal Father") have one line in common, and that is "hear...our sailor's cry" or "hear us when we cry.” The songs are a mourner's plea for the Almighty to hear and act to grant rest and eternal life. The Almighty has heard the cries of the people. He has seen the many broken hearts and the daily weeping for the soldiers. No one was resting -- not the souls of the dead nor their mourners. 


The photos below are parts of the ruined Arizona just below the surface. Here lies the dead sailors, 74 years later, still trapped and without peace.


This picture was taken while standing in the Memorial museum directly over the center of the ship. You can see the slickness of the oil seeping out over the ship. Some believe that the drops of oil (amounting to a few quarts a day) are a sign that the men are not at rest. The drops are tears of sadness. This ship has been leaking oil for about 74 years. 




It is written in the Book of Ezekiel that Living waters shall flow from the Temple and wherever the River flows, there shall be life. Living waters is another name for the spirit of life which accompanies a righteous one who has been blessed with the Presence of the Messiah YahuShuah. Wherever he goes there shall be life! The Messiah is the atonement and the Living Water!

After dying a physical death, a soul continues to live when it is at rest and full of peace. The soul dies when it is restless, sad, and has no peace. A dead soul (restless) must be raised to a living soul (restful) to be at peace. Intercessions must be made by a set-apart righteous one of the Most High to bring atonement to raise the souls to eternal life, rest, and peace!

Teh/Ps.55:18  "He has redeemed my life in peace From the battle against me, For there were many against me." 

Teh/Ps. 122:7-9 "Peace be within your walls, Rest in your citadels. For the sake of my brothers and companions, I say, “Peace be within you.” For the sake of the House ofיהוה  our Elohim I seek your good."


Ruth's Story

I would like to say first and foremost that I do not know why the USS Arizona was chosen from among many war torn places in the world. We went to Germany in 2009 and prayed for peace for the Holocaust victims. We did not go to Germany for that purpose but received the message of intercession after arriving in Germany. We prayed and believed that our prayers were heard, and rest and peace came to the victims. (

The reasons are only known by the Most High El, why His compassion centered on the USS Arizona and the other ships at Pearl Harbor for those still buried under the sea. This time was their Year of Release, a releasing of their souls to freedom. 

I was not yet born when the ship was bombed, yet I felt as if I was prepared to intercede first for the Jews in Germany, and then for the men entombed in the Arizona at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

In the early forties, two of the countries that formed the axis of evil, Germany and Japan, were doing great evil in the eyes of the Most High. They both wanted to take over nations, peoples, and possessions that did not belong to them. Italy, also a part of the axis, took over Ethiopia, but at this time, it was Germany and Japan (the two main leaders) who made war in WWII.

How I came to pray for the men on the Arizona

We have been prepared to intercede (bring atonement) for the men who died on the Arizona and the rest of the 2,400 men. The Most High Almighty is with us, and He is the Living Waters in our midst. His Presence is the Presence of the Almighty Maker of Heaven and earth. It is the Presence of the Almighty Father and His Messiah who bring life. Through the set-apart prayers of a righteous one, the dying come back to life (when they have a desire to live). We have been praying for the sick to be healed, and the weak to be strengthened.Those appointed to death shall live according to the will of the Almighty. The River flows with us through the Messiah, and life shall be where the river flows. (Ezek.47)



YAH kept this mission hidden: We were on a mission and did not know until we came to Hawaii. How did we get to Hawaii and for what reason? Our son who is in the military is stationed in Hawaii. He was having marital problems and needed his family for emotional support. As a loving mother, I wanted to visit him to be with him. My husband and I looked for cheap tickets to Hawaii and began asking family members and some friends to help us make this journey. YAH provided, and we were able to secure our tickets and lodging. We gave YAH the praise and thanks every step of the way. 

The mission at Pearl Harbor wasn't revealed until the time was right. We came to Hawaii and got settled in on the 27th of October. We attended a hearing with my son on the mourning of the 28th.  The next day on the 29th, we were getting ready to do some sight-seeing around Hawaii. Then, someone told Michael about free tickets to the museum at Pearl Harbor. I asked how far Pearl Harbor was, and my son said it was about a 20-minute drive from where we were. I responded, “Then let’s go to Pearl Harbor!”


My husband Michael, our son, and I went through the security gate of the park site and into the Museum Theater. In the Theater, we had a briefing on the history of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. This portion of the park was specifically for the Arizona.

I felt like sitting toward the back of the theater, so I sat in the back by myself while Mike and my son sat close to the front. This helped me to concentrate more and talk less. The film began, and the narrator told the detailed story of what happened in the attack on December 7, 1941 and why the Japanese did it. She told about the sailors whose lives were destroyed. The film contained multiple footage of the attack, showing the fires and the sinking of a huge naval war asset, the Arizona, along with the other ships of the fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Hearing the account of that day brought a feeling of mourning in the theater. All of a sudden, I became flustered and started to mourn, and then I began to weep. I thought, “I am crying?” I began to weep as if my very own father or brothers were on that ship. I began to pray to the Almighty YAH. I heard Him say that He was going to raise them up to life, and they would have rest for their souls. I praised Him, and before I knew it, the short program was over. Then, we all  proceeded by boat to the actual site of the memorial above the sunken ship. 

We got off the boat, and everyone quietly roamed around the memorial and took pictures. The picture below is a portion of the 1,177 names of the sailors who are buried there and some of their shipmates who also died.



I silently prayed looking at the ruins of the Arizona below from each side of the Museum. I was praying for the compassion of YAH for the sailors. I remembered what He said to me earlier while in the theater.

When I came into the back of the building and saw the many names of the soldiers who died on the Arizona or as a result of the attack, I then went to one side of the building facing the list to pray, with my son standing directly behind me. I placed my scarf over my head and with a spirit of mourning and the feeling of compassion, I prayed quietly asking the Almighty to forgive all of them of their sins in the Name of YahuShuah and to raise their souls to their rest. I praised Him and thanked Him for hearing my prayer, the prayer which He gave me to speak. I prayed for their comfort and that comfort would be in Heaven where they are now living. I know that He forgave them and raised them up because it was His will, and the time had come! I also prayed for the peace of the families left behind and that their mourning will also turn to joy.

HalleluYAH! After praying and giving YAH a praise offering telling Him how great and mighty to save He is, we then left the Memorial which I know will never be the same. I know that the people will continue to go there for a remembrance, but now we should rejoice because the time had arrived for the blessing of eternal life over the dead sailors at Pearl Harbor.

I believe YAH had appointed us for this mission since the beginning of our spiritual journey. He kept this mission hidden for many years. I did not speak of anything concerning Pearl Harbor because I myself did not know much about it until that 29th day of October sitting in the theater. This time, I had no input or outside persuasion from anyone -- the Almighty Himself directed this mission. He waited until the Messiah had come to us and provided atonement, spiritually preparing us for this mission. Life and righteousness had to completely come to us and be in us so that wherever He sends us, the River of Life will flow with us bringing life and dispelling death. Deliverance has come to the fallen men at Pearl Harbor!

I can only say: HalleluYAH! I am still so amazed at what happened!

YAHUAH is so compassionate. He did not leave His people trapped in the tomb. Though their remains are still in the ship, their souls are no longer trapped. He set them free and raised them to their rest!


Now we can rejoice and no longer mourn! The black tears of the soldiers shall now dry up and turn into joy! The soldiers have been given rest, and their souls are at peace in the Presence of the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth!



A few days before this writing, I was asking the Set-Apart Spirit to help me remember a dream or a vision or something that pointed to this mission. I felt it was too important to not have have had a dream pointing to it. Praise YAH! He brought to my mind that I did have a dream in January of 1992. I've kept a journal of my visions and dreams since the beginning of my spiritual journey. So, when I went to search my journal for the vision, I found it. 

Early on the morning of Jan. 30,1992, I woke up and started to go back to sleep. Right after I closed my eyes, I had a quick vision, and I saw a host (a multitude) of beings. They were very white and bright, and suddenly, they all were cheering and clapping their hands standing before me. They were happy and rejoicing. Then, I awoke. I thought to myself: Who were they? Were they messengers (angels), spirits of people, or righteous souls? Who were they, and why were they clapping and looking happy as if they just came out of somewhere and been set free?

Since 1992, I did not know what it all meant. Not until that 29th day of October at the Memorial Museum. The prophecy was fulfilled 23 years after it was revealed. YAH kept this prophecy and the whole mission guarded until after it was done! He showed me that vision to let me know that through our journey and the presence of the True Messiah, He will use us as instruments of deliverance!  I believe those thousands of souls were all the righteous ones who died a restless death from the Holocaust in Germany and the bombing of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

A drawing of the vision on Jan. 30, 2015: They are raised!


On Jan. 30, 1992, the Almighty Most High in His goodness imparted this vision upon me. I have waited 23 years for this vision to come to pass. I cannot draw a picture that adequately describes the excitement and joy of their applauding. This vision was a vision of absolute joy. I didn't know who they were, but they were souls of people. They looked like little angels or messengers who had died and now were rejoicing, clapping their hands before me as if i did something. For all these years, I wondered, "What is this?" Not until now has this vision been revealed. YAH used me to intercede for those restless souls trapped in sadness without peace. He led me in prayer on October 29, 2015 and brought them into eternal life to be free, at rest, and filled with peace, now and forever!  This is something to clap our hands about -- for this marvelous work of the Most High YAHUAH, Saviour of the world! He is the Greatest!

(Clapping sound:



Our Heavenly Father did hear the cries and prayers of all the sailors and mourners who for years have visited the USS Arizona Memorial Museum, and He has acted. The Maker of Heaven and earth and His Messiah of heaven and earth deserve all the praises and thanks we can give to Him! Praise to YAH! 

A Sign of the Times: The dead are being raised to life and the sick are being healed and wickedness is destroyed! YAHUAH REIGNS! He gave me a gift, and it is the psalm below. Thanks be to Elohim! 





The soldiers at Pearl Harbor died at no fault of theirs

Disturbed and not at rest for seventy-four years

Then the set-apart ones of YAH came

bringing the Living Waters to their remains,

they will never be the same!

For the time had come for the compassion of EL

to raise them from the dead giving rest to their souls and a story we can tell!




October 29th the day of birth of a new life of freedom from the tomb

This day was the second birth for the first was from their mother's womb

Rest and peace and joy has come to the sailors of the Arizona

Never again shall they suffer in confinement like the story of Yonah

Elohim has promised that He will deliver His righteous ones

Just hear of His great and marvelous deeds among His sons

HalleluYAH! He freed the men of Pearl Harbor who died violently in 1941

But on October 29th He raised them from the dead, it is Done!




“Thank you YAH for raising the ‘men’ of the USS Arizona”

Their souls are at rest

For You’ve done your best!

For the men of the USS Arizona

“Thank you YAH for raising the ‘men’ of the USS Arizona”


The Almighty has heard the cries of the sailors as well as the mourners, and He has answered! He is kind!