Resurrection Song
Good News For Everyone!





Fulfilling the Words of YAHUAH to the prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37






Vision on 6/8/12:  Holocaust victims coming out !

Elohim has given a voice of a psalm for the surviving families of the Holocaust victims and the Holocaust survivors.

HalleluYAH for His word has come to pass in the latter days, which are now. The picture to the right was drawn depicting real people coming out. I believe everyone who died in the Holocaust, especially the righteous, were in the multitude being raised. They have been restored spiritually to their inheritance, for the Almighty has not forsaken them.

They will live in the world to come and with peace!


Teh/Ps. 72:14  "He redeems their life from oppression and from violence; And their blood is precious in His eyes."





In a vision in June of 2012, I saw the face of a child a little girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She looked at me. Very much alive she gave me a beautiful smile as in saying thank you. It was a very quick vision and I tried to draw her but just could not. In early November this year 2012 I was looking through many Holocaust photographs and I thank YAH, I found her picture, not even looking for it. I saw this child alive and happy, she too was resurrected to life  and peace.

babiyar.jpg (21504 bytes)

 Two-year-old Mania Halef, a Jewish child murdered by the SS during the mass executions at Babi Yar in September 1941.
  [Photo credit: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Yelena Brusilovsky Collection]






I saw them, I saw them,

Quiet and smiling,

They were all coming out!


Great is our Master in Heaven,

Who opened their graves and burial site,

Wonderful is He Who gave them light.


I saw them, I saw them,

They were all coming out,

Abba the Greatest has had compassion,

And raised them up without a doubt.


Shout, Oh you people, for favor has come to the Jews!

Blessed is he who brings the Good News!


I saw them, I saw them -- They were all coming out!

See the vision, rejoice and shout!


Great is our Master to show compassion,

To His chosen people who died by assassins,

Evil were their deeds who slaughtered a people without a cause,

Therefore wickedness will be wiped out without a pause!


From the graves, He brought out Israel,

To confirm His word from the Prophet Ezekiel.

Open the doors and let's blow the shofar,

For our Master has come to bring back those from afar!


The Mashiach is the Resurrection and the Life!

Through His Name there is no strife!

The resurrection has come to all the Jews!

Believe in the Almighty, and you too He will choose!


Dry up your tears and remove your sadness,

For the Most High has given us great gladness!

He opened the burial sites as He said He would,

To bring out His people and restore Yisrael as soon as He could!


Let your hearts now rejoice!

Let singing and joy be in your voice!

Let your deep pain now be healed for sure,

For the Almighty has given the survivors closure!


I saw them, I saw them -- They all were coming out,

Walking in confidence and without a doubt!

Healthy and wonderfully dressed were they all,

Coming in victory, for Abba has given them the call!


Coming out with great stride rejoicing faces saying again,

Righteousness has prevailed and evil has had its end!

We won, we won for Great is our Master,

Who is good and has given us relief from disaster!


Persecutions against His people went on for centuries,

But now the devil has lost and Amalek blotted out from our memories!

The reign shall return to the Hebrew nation,

Let us sound the shofar with great elation!



Eze 37:12  “Therefore prophesy, and you shall say to them, ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “See, O My people, I am opening your graves, and shall bring you up from your graves, and shall bring you into the land of Yisra’ĕl. 

The Holocaust victims, all of them, will now have a place in the World to Come, their names restored to their inheritance, for the Mashiach has married His chosen, as Boaz married Ruth, to raise the name of the dead. Nothing was lost that would not be restored.


The Holocaust is no more, and we must never forget that it happened!


Watch and see, that there will never be another, for Yisrael will prevail against all her enemies. The time has come for the testing and tribulations of all people regardless of race, ethnic background, or religion, for all must come to the knowledge of the Most High.


The only map that matters most of all is the one of the State of Israel. When Israel is blessed, all the world is blessed! This is one country that must and shall remain on the map!