Ruth and Orpah-(Oprah)?
A modern day Ruth & Orpah-Revealed through Divine Revelation!

Update: Sept.12, 2011 Ruth has since learned from years of trying to contact Oprah, that Elohim had another plan. Oprah has turned fully New Age and have been deceived. Being deceived herself, she is now teaching people to follow her bad counsel. The counsel of Jezebel in the Scriptures, were bad and it is still today. We must reach all those who have come under Oprah's wings to see the truth and come out from her! Come out of her says YAHUAH our Elohim. All those who have learned from Oprah and have put her teachings into practice

are candidates for the coming plagues. The plague is a punishment , a curse from Elohim when one turns from Him to worship another. Receiving this evil counsel could cost someone his or her life. If it is put into practice, it will surely shorten ones life. Turn now from this evil teachings of Oprah. Turn to the Most High Now!



Update: 2-13-10 Yahuah the most High has given Ruth new revelations concerning her pursuit of Oprah Winfrey, who is believed to be today's Orpah from the Book of Ruth in the Scriptures. March of 2009 Ruth and Mike went to Chicago for 4 days, in pursuit of a chance to personally meet Oprah. They went to her show to perhaps get into the audience with a chance of meeting Oprah. They were turned away on the first day of the show. On the third day  they were singled out and called from the line and were told that they were not allowed to be in the audience and were sent away after being told this.


The question was asked, 'Does Oprah know who Ruth is?' The attendant at the show made it clear that she did know Ruth. Ruth has tried to reach Oprah since 2000. Ruth and Mike sent videos, emails, and DVD's asking her to go to Bethlehem with them and she never answered the videos, emails,or DVD's that were sent to her. Oprah rejected the invitation of Ruth to go with them to Bethlehem in 2009. The group went on to Israel and prayed in Bethlehem without Oprah. Once again as was before Orpah did not return with Ruth so that the peace could come. But Yah revealed to Ruth that He heard the prayers and peace will come to the land.


Orpah turned back to the world of Moab and likewise this modern day Orpah also turned back and did not go forth. A separation between the two women happened back in history from the Story of Ruth, and for the 2nd time Orpah turned back and did not go forth to return to the land of Judah which is Israel.

We believe that this is why the two women cried twice and Orpah turned back. We do not know what will happen since Orpah refused the invitation, but we do know that Yah is in contol of whatever happens in this world.


When Oprah refused to go to Bethlehem with Ruth last spring in late May/June Ruth went without her. Spiritual warfare was done in Bethlehem without Oprah.


Here's the new revelation: From a historical point of view and spiritual, Yahuah has revealed to Ruth that she is now of the Light through her acceptance of the true Messiah Yahushuah of Israel, Son of the living Elohim, (God). Oprah would be considered one of darkness because she has accepted according to public teachings of her New Age belief a false one. Yahushuah has come to bring division between the light and darkness as the Father, the Almighty Elohim, first separated the light from the dark on the 1st day of creation. This separation of light and darkness also has come to mean a separation of believers from unbelievers and clean from unclean and evil from the set-apart, or bad from good, right from wrong & etc. Perhaps Ruth is not as popular as Oprah and Oprah rejects her, but as it stands, Yahuah has kept them separated because Orpah has not turned to Him.


Oprah and Ruth has many simular qualities and very opposite qualities, such as one is very known while the other is little known, and both are strong in their beliefs and convictions. Oprah has reached the top of her very secular career while Ruth has reached the top of her very spiritual calling-the Daughter of Tsyion.


Ruth is no longer to pursue Orpah (Oprah) but to continue on the plans that Elohim has for her. God has made her to be the intercessor for the Land of Israel to spiritually defeat the enemies of Israel. So far their battles have been won and Yahuah now is showing favor to Israel and has pardoned her sins. The leaders were expecting a major attack since 2007, but intercessions through spiritual warfare Yah has kept it from happening.


Yahuah has driven a sword between Ruth and Oprah so that they do not come together ,and so that light would not hook up with darkness. He will do a great work in these last days and only He shall receive the praise and the credit. All the praises go to Yahuah the most High! Once again Ruth and Orpah have separated  through Orpah's rejection of coming to Bethlehem.


Ruth will go forth and be a part of raising back up the Tabernacle of David, and be the chosen nurse for the last days. Our Sovereign Yahushuah, who is of King David, is with this Ministry and this people and together peace will come and many lives shall be saved in the end. In the days of old the Sages believed that Orpah turned back to Moab and had sons. One of which was Goliath who fought with Ruth's grandson David. David defeated Goliath and went on to become king over all Israel. click here  to view a video of Ruth in the City of Bethlehem without Orpah.


Update:10-11-09  Ruth and a group of 9 went on a tour of the Middle east-praying for peace to come to the world. Ruth tried to pursue Oprah to come with her to Bethlehem on her tour which began on May 24 and ended June7,2009. Oprah was unreachable, so Ruth preceded alone with her small group of spiritual warriors. She went to Cairo, Jordan and into Israel. While in Bethlehem, she began to speak the words of peace, the wind began to blow, and it got stronger and stronger. Her time in Bethlehem was critical to end this brother against brother war.You can go to her youtube videos to hear the word in Bethlehem at .

Ruth will make a return trip to Bethlehem if Oprah would only answer. The first Orpah did not returned which caused chaos. Now the second chance was given for the second Orpah to return to Bethlehem and she is ignoring today's Ruth plea to return with her. Together we can turn the hatred around if she  (Oprah) would just hear what Ruth has to say. The time is growing short!

Last update:3-14-09


UPDATE: 12-18-08  "Oprah it is time for us to make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem-The time is  

                                           drawing near!"


The Return of Ruth and Orpah to the Land

To Bring About Peace and Protection in the Coming Disasters!


This message is intended to raise awareness that Elohim has a plan for end time redemption. Elohim has revealed revelations to Ruth Dunn concerning modern day Ruth and Orpah. The re-visiting of the Book of Ruth is sort of like a spiritual re-enactment of the Book of Ruth. The story of Ruth written in the Scriptures is in symbology of God bringing His people back to Him to do all His will, establishing His kingdom on the earth. History is repeating, and our future is about to be unraveled.


Ruth's attachment to Naomi by clinging to her, is a sign of YAH'S dispersed coming back to Him, and to His chosen people. Orpah's leaving and going the other way (to Moab), was a sign of ones who go contrary to YAH'S laws, and not accept His way or His people. I believe that Yah allowed Orpah to return to Moab as a part of His restoration plan. Orpah left Naomi and Ruth under much grief and despair. God's plans I believe is to restore Orpah to Himself and to the people of Israel, thus opening the door for the Gentiles to be grafted into the Family Tree.Who has gotten the 'parts' to play in this spiritual re-enactment, to bring into completion in our era the plans of God? This is His plans to bring in the Gentiles, to also be His people, the last to come into His Kingdom.


The cast for these parts were already selected before any of us were ever born. Ruth Dunn has been chosen to be Ruth, and Elohim the Father has been preparing her for the last 54 years. Preparation has been made all of her life to complete her calling. Orpah has yet to step up to the plate to accept her part which she has been in preparation for, the last 54 years. She is at the top of her career, breaking all television talk show host records, and a success. God placed Orpah(Oprah) in this top position, for such a time as now. No one can prevail against her, because Elohim has placed her in her position for His purpose. We give Elohim the praise!


Through His plan, people will have a shelter from the destructions and pestilence to come, here in America, Israel, and throughout the world. I feel peace will not happen until Ruth and Orpah return to the land of Israel and to the Almighty Elohim, together, as Elohim honors their agreement to return (Ruth 1). This event will change the course of history and set in motion spiritually, the bringing together of the people of God - Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews). This union of the people of Elohim through the Messiah Yahushuah will ultimately be a sign of the Tabernacle of David being raised up, and peace coming forth. Peace to Jerusalem, peace to the world, and peace to each one of us, the only real peace through the Prince of Peace the Messiah. Through Divine revelation, I believe that all this will be accomplished if modern day Ruth and Orpah come together to obey their calling to complete the Book of Ruth from the Scriptures, and to make the pilgrimage to Bethlehem-the place where Messiah was born. That which has been is what will be--Eccl.1:9


 Brief History: Book of Ruth in the Scriptures

After the death of Naomi's husband Elimelech and their two sons, Naomi decided to return to the land of Judah, after hearing that the famine was over (Ruth 1:7-8). Accompanied by her two daughters-in-law, Naomi left Moab and began her return to the land of Judah. Suddenly, in verse 8, Naomi sends her daughters-in-law back to the plains of Moab. “And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, ‘Go, return each to her mother’s house. The Lord deal kindly with you, as you have dealt with the dead and with me’” (Ruth1:8).  The three agreed to return together, until something got their attention on the road. What did they see on the way? What made Naomi suddenly change her mind and begin sending them back? Many people have opinions on why their plans changed. Here’s my view:

I believe that as they approached the Jordan River (the border between the east and west) they saw something unexpected. They saw the remains of the great and impressive altar that was built on the western side of the Jordan River by the tribes of Rueben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, who resided on the eastern side.  Joshua chapter 22 speaks very clearly about the second altar, which was called 'Witness.'  The territories on the eastern side (the plains of Moab) were given to the 2-½ tribes as an inheritance. The second altar was built to remind the descendants of the children of Israel on the western side (where the Tabernacle stood) that the descendants on the eastern side (Reuben, Gad and ½ Manasseh ) served the same Elohim and were also Israelites—they were the same people. This was done for future generations, of Hebrews (Jews) who would not accept the people on that side as true Israelites.

Years later, Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah while on the road returning to the land of Judah saw that altar, and it witnessed to them.  It reminded Naomi that her people back in the land of Judah were not going to accept her daughters-in-law as Israelites but as Moabites, for they had lost their identities, and perhaps worshipped other gods; subsequently they would not get husbands, from the men of Israel.

Therefore, she urged her daughters-in-law to turn back.The altar reminded Orpah of the reason her forefathers built it: It was a memorial so that the descendants of the children of Israel who dwelt on the western side would not alienate the descendants of the children of Israel who dwelt on the eastern side of the Jordan. The forefathers knew that in years to come there would be changes in appearance and dialects, thus causing them not to be accepted as Hebrews. Orpah apparently was emotionally torn.

 The Agreement: "Surely we will return with you to your people"  (Ruth:1:10).  Ruth and Orpah spoke in harmony with one voice that they will return with Naomi to her people. God honors agreements, even if it takes centuries to fulfill. Orpah, I believe, felt the fear and  rejection and cried aloud, as Naomi urged them to go back to the country of  Moab.  After the second loud cry, in grief and despair, Orpah turned back, and no more is written of her. Ruth on the other hand, felt the witness of that Altar and knew it stood for 'truth' ! She heard Naomi's warning and spoke saying "Do not urge me to leave you, or to go back from following after you. For whereever you go, I go, and wherever you stop over, I stop over. Your people is my my people, and your Elohim is my Elohim" (The Scriptures Ruth:1:16)

(A little history) These women were from the plains of Moab. Moab was a descendant from Lot, the nephew of Abraham who went out with Abraham. The Angels of God rescued Lot, his wife, and his two daughters from the destruction of Soddom and Gomorrah (Gen.19). Lot's wife looked back to the burning cities and turned into a pillar of salt, but Lot and his daughters continued. The daughters thinking that they were the only ones left in the world, committed incest with their father. The daughters both became pregnant with sons. The eldest gave birth to Moab and the younger gave birth to Ammon. These became large countries that were called by their names Moab and Ammon. These countries did not keep the Laws of God but practiced idolatry. They had battles with the Israelites at times, even though they were descended from Lot, the nephew of Abraham.

From Moab came Ruth and Orpah. They became widows after being married to two Israelite men for ten years. We can assume then, that they lived in a Jewish household and had learned the Laws of Elohim and converted back to the ways of Abraham.

When the book of Ruth is read completely, you will find that Ruth did marry after entering into the land of Judah, even though Naomi declared that they would not. Ruth received a husband who was a nobleman, and the great-grandfather of  King David. The exact opposite happened concerning receiving a husband in the land, and this led me to ask the question-"Did Orpah get a husband?"

 The ‘Witness’ the second altar which was declared in Joshua 22 was to be a witness for all times that “YAHUAH IS ELOHIM!” Yahushuah the Messiah  is our Witness that YAHUAH is our Elohim!


Ruth and Oprah


I have known for years that Elohim has been preparing me to be a 'Ruth.'  I believe that I have finished my spiritual journey and am now ready to step into the purpose for which I have been chosen. Oprah and I have striking similarities as well as differences. Biblical Ruth and Orpah were sisters-in-law and some believed them to be actual sisters. Please read Ruth's testimony on the web page title 'Our History' on this website. Oprah Winfrey has stated in her biographies that at birth her name was supposed to be Orpah from the Bible but it was changed to Oprah.  Through revelations, I strongly believe that she is indeed the 'Orpah' whom I am seeking to unite with so we may complete what began thousands of years ago. This is awesome! Ruth and Orpah must come together to carry out their roles to save the lives of many people by preparing them for the coming of the Messiah.

How is the coming together of Ruth and Orpah going to save the lives of people from disasters? Yah will use Oprah and Ruth to carry out His end time plan of redemption. Ruth and Oprah both have been tested and tried in their love for mankind. Ruth has sought the Kingdom of Elohim and has walked in His way, for she has returned to Him and the people of Yah. She has extended herself to the needs of the poor in her community and across the US, with little to no resources. She is a "spiritual nurse." Oprah has done the same on a national and worldwide scale, with great resources. They are on opposite sides of the economic scale but equally have a love for people.

We have a heart for mankind and it was all Yah's plan in preparing us for His purpose. I (Ruth) feel honored that God has chosen me to be a modern day Ruth to usher peace, protection and love into this world. I took the road to Bethlehem (spiritually and physically) to join myself to my Elohim--the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I went through self-sacrifice by giving up a career in electronics and began seeking the Kingdom of Elohim while 'nursing' the poor and needy. I was tested in poverty and suffered humility and shame to be brought to meekness and humbleness. I went into obscurity to find the love relationship my heart so desired, and the Father, Elohim Almighty, fulfilled my journey.  He made me an intercessor, and He gave me the mantle of Elijah, the staff of Elohim, and the Torah. He made us a nation of Abraham; thus, completing His promise to Abraham in my life. I finished the journey of faith!!

I believe that Oprah will feel the same, for her calling will be made complete. Our visit to the Holy Land will be a big step in the fulfillment of Yah’s plan for peace and redemption. 


Bottom Line.

It is written in Ecclesiastes1: 9, “That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.” 

Disasters and pestilence are coming to this world in ways never before seen by man, and it is coming quickly! People need to know what to do in order to survive!

The world will be destroyed as Soddom and Gomorrah, but like Lot and his family, who lived and were rescued and saved, so will some live in the times to come. Who will live? Pestilence and famine is coming quickly and people must return to the ways of Yah. Oprah and Ruth are called to unite to carry out the will of Yah!

Ruth has spiritual communication with Elohim, as did Moses, to receive instructions and directions. Oprah has the communication skills and the audience to reach the people, as did Aaron. Oprah has a true calling on her life for which she has been prepared. For this reason Elohim has given her the great success she is enjoying. She has questions about her life to which, I believe, I have the answers. When she learns the truth, she will be set free.

The time has come for Oprah to know the truth about her life. Ruth and Oprah must now meet and make history. World wide attention will be given on the day Ruth and Oprah, continue where Biblical Ruth and Biblical Orpah left off. Perhaps going to Bethlehem? Only Yah knows. It all must happen, and the whole world will see the mighty hand of YAH. To see videos concerning Ruth and Orpah go to and view the latest videos about Ruth & Orpah.

Today-Ruth and Oprah must come together and take their roles in what has to be done in preparation for the end of times.


Ruth S. Dunn, Minister

Family of Messiah Fellowship

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