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Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Protection

YAHUAH is the Hebrew Name of the Almighty Creator of the universe, Maker of Heaven and earth, the One above all, the Great I AM, forever existing in past present and future!

It is He who gave the inspiration to produce this oil for anointing. It is the Most High who heals all His people who believe in Him. He is YAHUAH our Healer.  This oil has been blessed by the set-apart priesthood, who does His service. It was made to help fight the pestilence of the end-times. YAH is compassionate and full of loving-kindness, and we give Him thanks.

Ingredients: Olive oil and essential pure pine oil

Beliefmust be added, whatever level of belief and you will see His hand at work!


First: Repent of all wrongness, ask forgiveness of your sins.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Most High I am sorry for my sins and I turn from them. Please let Your Word cleanse my wrong ways and make me pure. Please Abba (Father) heal and deliver me from the punishments of the end-times. Heal me and protect me from all sicknesses and deliver my being from all dangers. I ask in the Name of Yahuah and I thank You for Your loving-kindness. So Be It!

Lift up the Oil of YAHUAH and give Him thanks.


Place a small amount on fingers and anoint your forehead, earlobes and nose. Rub a small amount of the oil over your hands.

To prevent catching contagious diseases rub oil on your hands daily, especially if you will be interacting with the public or around sick people. This oil has much healing testimonies.

The Oil of YAHUAH is all natural with no chemicals and minimal handling. It is a spiritual remedy for all plagues and sicknesses of the end-time. Look to YAHUAH the Most High and He shall deliver you! Only believe and trust in His love!

Oil is free with a voluntary offering for your sins, Please send an offering to Family of Messiah, PO Box 50884, Summerville, SC 29485

For all your prayer needs please email or call Family of Messiah Assembly and we will pray for you. (843) 821-4832 or email at