My testimony of an answered prayer,
I prayed for my dad to be healed and to have complete salvation and to be accepting of the truth. My dad was having pain in his legs and feet. The side of his left foot was numb. In May 2013, he was told he had poor circulation in his legs and feet and either he has surgery or his feet would have to be amputated within 2 years. On Thurs, Aug 1st he was admitted into the hospital because his feet were swollen and he had two infected sores between his toes on his left foot. The doctor on call told him his left foot needed to be removed because of the infected sores had gangrene and they would try to save the right foot. He also said the surgery was high risk because he has had 3 heart attacks, his last one being Dec 2009. He was asked if he wanted a living will made and a priest called. My dad replied "I don't want anyone, if it's my time to go, then it’s my time. I lived a good 69 years". After visiting with my dad at the hospital I became very upset and depressed. I began mourning the loss of my dad and wanting to prepare for his funeral. I spoke with Ruth and after a few minutes the depression had left and my tears turned into laughter. The words of Yah were spoken with Ruth's mouth. It was her voice but His words. My dad was still speaking as though he wouldn't survive the surgery. He didn't like the idea of losing his foot either. A couple of days later his right foot was very dry. I wanted to anoint his foot with oil but he previously rejected anything concerning my belief (religion), but to my surprise he said "ok". After I washed his foot, I rubbed it with the oil, immediately, my dad started to feel a little better. I told him to get a second opinion about his foot because I didn't understand why his foot needed to be removed when the infection was only on two toes. The infection stayed where it was and didn't move. He wasn't asking for a second opinion because he believed the top surgeons were in this hospital. To myself I said I will go to the top Surgeon myself on his behalf, so I went to Yahuah. After praying I went to visit him, this time he said the surgeon (not the doctor) told him only the infected toes will be removed. Praise Yah, He sent the second opinion anyway. The surgery was scheduled for Tues, Aug 6th. The day before the surgery he told me he overheard a doctor and two nurses talking in the hallway about him and how he probably won't survive the surgery. He began to give up and told me to be prepared for him not to come back after the surgery. I wouldn't accept that and told him, he will survive and I will see him when it’s over. The night before the surgery Mike and Ruth came to pray for him and his recovery. They asked him if it was ok to pray with me for his safety. To my surprise he said "yes, everyone needs a port in the storm". When we began to pray he stopped to turn off the tv so he could hear every word. He then was pleased to be anointed with the oil. After the surgery a former heart physician and some colleagues came to speak with him. The physician told him he was "worthy" because he had kept track of him since his last heart attack 3 1/2 years ago. Even though he wouldn't treat my dad because he disagrees with his life (smoking cigarettes). He told my dad they were preparing for his death before surgery or within 24 hours after the surgery. They were surprised he survived.