A People from beyond the  Sambatyon River
Return of the Ten Lost Tribes-Times of Refreshing have come



Through the Path of YahuShuah, the Rock of our Salvation
The deliverance of Elohim REVEALED!!
Ruth and Mika'el Dunn are emissaries of the Most High Elohim through the Messiah YahuShuah. Ruth painted the pictures below as illustrations of the prophetic dream she had. Ruth, Mika'el, and the Family of Messiah Assembly are the called-out (redeemed) ones who made it across the Sambatyon River to inherit the Reign of Elohim. This River was revealed in a dream to depict that through the Messiah YahuShuah, our sins and the sins of our fathers have been forgiven and a way has been made.
Making it to the Sabbath (Sambatyon) River