Word of YAH (4.18.09)

2 May 2015    The Covenant of the Reign

Word given on the Shabbat -5-2-2015


Hear the word ofיהוה  the Most High of heaven and earth. 

I am rejoicing over you My people. Why am I rejoicing? I am rejoicing because you are finally and truly becoming mine. I am in the heavens and you are in the earth, the distance between us is so far yet so near.

You are now becoming mine for I am with you. My Son My Messiah has led you, though you did not know Him, He has brought you to Me. I am, your EL and it is I who am speaking to you.

Through My Son YahuShuah you became mine, through the union of the priesthood and the sovereignty a gate is provided and whoever walks through the gate of the Meshiach enters My realm of life, for this is My Covenant, My word to save you, My word to protect you from all oppressions. Your enemies are defeated, voided and are no more!

When you enter My Covenant you are entering My world, where spiritual meets the earthly and become one in Me. I am the Possessor of all. In My Name exists all that matters in life – everything to do with the living. There is no death in My abode, when you are connected to My spirit and flesh is made minute and I am exalted.

You are restored as a spiritual being dissipating death. Death cannot reign in you for I am Life to your being. No longer shall you be separated from Me, I am Ecad! You are mine through My Covenant, the Covenant of the Reign, and I AM the Reign.

Pass through, pass through the gate, let your names be written in the Book of Life, My Book and be mine.

            Fear Me always, and do not violate the Covenant. I am rejoicing because the time is quickly approaching for My goodness to pour upon you and cause your joy to come full force.

            In the midst of your joy I am esteemed!

 I love you My people, the people of My Covenant and all that you ask of Me, I shall do. I love you all, My children! Bless you and welcome back to Me. Your love and My love become one love through My Covenant! One love united you to me as ecad!

 Peace My people, peace be within your soul, in your being, peace be upon you for My love is your peace. Receive, for My love became My peace.

            I am your Light and I am your peace – Trust in Me always and I will see you through. Welcome home – I love you

3 Mar 2015    My Love for you

The Almighty יהוה has given to me a word of love to share with the Assembly. He loves all of His children so very much.

4 Oct 2013    Word of Encouragement: 9/28/13


Hear the word of YAH:

I AM Who I AM, I AM Your Father! Call MeMy Fatherand walk in My ways. Forsake your own way, but do not forsake My way. For truly I AM He Who is speaking to you. Place all your trust in Me, and do not fear. Much will be happening in the earth, but keep your eyes on Me and see the good that I AM performing in the earth. I AM YAHUAH your Father and your El. Turn completely, all of you, to Me, and I will turn completely to you so that blessings of the times of refreshing shall come upon you. Turn to Me, and follow Me. I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Now is the time for all bad habits to be broken. Many of you will receive your inheritance that I have for you, a good and pleasant inheritance. Know this, My children, I love you, and I want the best for you because I have your best interest at heart. I will bless you when you receive in your heart all that I have for you.

Know this, My children, though there are much dangers on the earth, it shall not come near you, for My Hand protects you all. Take courage and be of good cheer. You have become My children, and I have become your Father. The days of refreshment have come, and you will all be refreshed through My Set-Apart Spirit.

Stand, My children, in the belief in My Name. Stand up for your belief. Stand strong, and do not be weak before their eyes. Only believe in Me and My goodness and My Strength and My love for you, and I will give you all your desire according to My will.

Be encouraged this day, the day of worship and rest. Keep My Sabbath Day set-apart, for in keeping the Sabbath set-apart, you are being a light to the world that I AM Set-Apart. Do not neglect Me by neglecting My Name or the Sabbath.

Bless you, My children, let My love now shine on you. Let My compassion now cover you. Let My understanding be upon you, and My complete covering of love and prosperity be over you, and you become a light in this strange and dark world. I AM YAHUAH, the One Who loves and cares for you. I AM your Father, and from here on, I shall bless you greater than any Father can do on the earth, for I have inherited you, My child, to be Mine! You are Mine, and I love you greatly!

4 Oct 2013    A word given at the time of passover 2013

The Word of YAHUAH given to Hadagah (Ruth) on 3/19/13

Instructions for My House


Hear the Word of YAHUAH:

"My House is a House of Prayer for all nations, all people.

Everyone who becomes a part of My House, believes in My Name, and agrees to obey My word, My Commands.

It is I Who forgives sins, but the overseers of My House, I hear their voice; I AM YAHUAH, the One Who spoke and (the) world came into being.

It is I Who calls, and it is I Who chooses. Obey My witnesses for I have chosen them, and My Spirit is within them. They have been appointed to build the lives of the people to be My House.

My House is the One New House, the One New Man from the two. I have brought My people together that they serve Me with one shoulder, I AM Who I AM.

My House has been established, and I will strengthen. My House is a House of provision. I provide for My people for My people are My children, and they belong to Me! I AM YAHUAH your Elohim.

There is communication between My chosen ones and Myself. I AM the Head of My House, for I AM the Savior of the world, and My Name is YAHUAH, the Most High. I AM El Shaddai, and I have established this House. Believe in Me and obey My Word, and I will cause you to eat of the fat of the Land! I AM YAHUAH your Elohim.

I will call now for my lost ones who are among the Gentiles, and they will come. When they come, cleanse them with the water of purification after they confess My Name and the Name of My Son, the Mashiach YahuShuah. I will place My Spirit within them when they believe, truly believe.

All those whom you, Hadagah, My nurse, give the bread and wine to commemorate My Son at Passover, I will give life—they will all live. Give to those who are far away My bread, the Bread of Life; all those who become a part of this House, you give the bread. In the spiritual realm, I will give the blood of My Son, as I have done with you.

I will cover all those whom you (Hadagah) bless, and they all shall live and escape the plague. All whom I send to this House are counted in My Hand, and I will save them.

In the story of Rut, she returned home to Me from the land of the Gentiles. She returned through belief in My Name and that I was her Elohim. She also returned to My people, My nation. This House is an extension of Yisrael in the west, but it is one nation of Yisrael. I have given the banner which shall now be lifted up. This banner shows that this House is established as one nation from the two. I AM YAHUAH your Elohim Who is speaking.

Believe in Me; believe in My Son Whom I sent for the redemption of man; believe in My Word, My Ten Words given to Moshe on the mountain; believe in My works through My Son, and Hear Him. My Son is with you and shall be with you. He is in your midst as I AM also in your midst.

Every lamb or sheep that comes, teach them My Word and give commemoration at that time of acceptance and also once a year at the Passover. You give to them as they become a part of this House, so they would partake of the life of YahuShuah and live.

All those listed on the Registry, I will forgive and bless with life.

I AM about to judge the earth, and My principles stand. The blood of the Lamb is over this House, and no one shall destroy nor do any evil to it because the gates of the grave cannot prevail. Sheol cannot touch My House. I AM YAHUAH, and I AM Sovereign of the universe! I will strengthen My House, and it shall be a priesthood of royalty to do all My will. All the inhabitants of My House are Mine, and I protect, I love, I reprove, and I bless.

Do My will, Hadagah, you and all your companions who sit before you, for I love you, and I will bless all that you do and all whom you bless. Be an encouragement for My children and not discourage. I AM Love; therefore, My House is a House of Love—as YahuShuah has said, “Love one another as I loved you.” Remember to do all things out of love for Me!

I AM YAHUAH your Elohim."

4 Oct 2013    Word of YAH- Rosh HaShana 2013

Message for Rosh HaShanah in Preparation for Yom Kippur


Hear the Word of YAHUAH “ I Am Who I Am, now is the day of deliverance, now is the time of salvation. All men are set free to come to Me. No one will be under any spells or witchcraft nor any form of mind control. All are free to choose.


Make your decisions now whom will you serve? You are not able to serve Me and the world or say you serve Me and do evil.


It is I YAHUAH who am speaking to you.

Now is the time of freedom, let freedom ring for all people so that all will decide who to follow! Follow Me by joining My people on My set-apart mountain, for I am Set-Apart and My House is Set-Apart!

I will forgive you all of all your sins, all that is written against you shall now be erased I AM YAHUAH Your Saviour, the Saviour of the world, it is I”


I AM the Almighty Everlasting Father and there is none to compare with Me or compare to Me! I AM Who I AM the Ruler, Most High El Elyon. I AM the all-encompassing One. I AM able to redeem because I am compassionate and I will save Your life from all disasters. My day of darkness and gloom, a day that I shall destroy all evil from the earth, a day when the practisers of witchcraft will be utterly punished. It is I, the Great I AM Who will rid the earth of all wickedness and evil to make the earth a pleasant place for the remnant of My people to dwell.


Assept YahuShuah My Son and believe that He is My Son, I AM the Master of all worlds, I gave Him to you for your atonement, He was the sacrifice, the Set-Apart Offering. I offered up Myself for your lives, I am perfect offering! I sent Him in the form of a man, because I AM the Creator, He came in My Name because He came in Me for We are One! Our Name is One, though man puts forth a separation a distinction We are One- I AM!

By accepting the One who walked among you, Who declared My esteem, and was a Guide to you, you shall be saved!


Belief in Him- YahuShuah, you are confirming that you believe in Me, the Great I AM the 'To Be' Everlasting Father and belief is your deliverance.

I shall deliver all those in chains, all those with unbreakable bondages and all men who are cemented to their necks, I deliver you all on the Day of Yobel, It is My Jubilee, My blowing of the Ram's horn declaring atonement , freedom for all!


With this freedom, repent of all sins and turn to Me, do not be foolish and doubt, turn to Me and live. I am the Giver of life and I give you life when you believe and accept My Son who died for you, for He lives and you shall live also.


Now people you have heard My compassion, If you have heard and believe, reach out and touch someone else's life by witnessing My word.


Call on My Name, call on the Name of My Son and receive Him and the Set-Apart Spirit shall come to you because you know My Name. Since you believe in My Name then I will cover you in the day of destruction and no harm shall come near your home. You shall live and declare My esteem, for this year of Yobel I have saved your life! Esteem Me your only Master and Saviour of the world says YAHUAH Your Elohim! I love you!


Now My Word of warning I AM YAHUAH the Saviour of the world

Hear My Word


You are taking your life in your own hands and are free to choose Me the Everlasting One, the Father above all fathers, the Great I AM or you can choose this world, that serpent of old who runs it, even though I AM Master over all, he has been given some permission to do whatever in the earth, but it is you who makes the choice of who you will follow. I encourage you to choose Me YAHUAH your Elohim that you live, choose Me and My way or choose the devil and his way.

The path is set before you, choose My Name and My laws to obey them and you choose life! Follow My Son YahuShuah and you choose everlasting life and live forever!

If you love the world and chooses to follow another (religions of the world) then you have chosen a path that leads to death now and when you remain lawless, your sins remain upon you and you have no atonement- you then have chosen the path that leads to death now and eternal damnation. I will dstroy the world on account of their lawless deeds and false worship. If you are on this path you will be destroyed, you and all your people with you. Do not refuse repentence, change your ways, get on the right path that you shall live!


Do something to save you and your family now- Accept YahuShuah, become the Hebrew that follows YahuShuah and bring salvation, atonement to you and your children. Repent and turn to Me so that in the day of destruction you will survive and declare My Name to the world!


Truth and favor comes in the Name of YahuShuah- There is no other Name given by which one is saved! No other Name can bring salvation or deliverance!



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